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10 Foto-foto Paling Absurd Orang Indonesia Ini Mampu Bikin Ngakak Kamu yang Gak Punya Rencana Weekend Besok by @CrazyinINA

Punya stock lain? silakan tambahin

Makan dengan ayam

Naruto's Cosplay ala mom-mom

Vinsmoke Effendi ♤ @ipunk_margondez

@CrazyinINA Sure she's been trained by Hokage 5, can be seen from her muscly arm

04/07/2018 12:16:24 WIB
asianbreakfast @asbrkfst

@CrazyinINA 10 top cunin desa indonesiagakure dengan senjata khusus 😂

04/07/2018 14:17:07 WIB

Selfie or suicide?

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