#disdgrit July2

Sheri @smthodge

#disdgrit a1 viewing your job or anything you do as a calling not everyone sees "calling" but I do. I believe everything happens w reason. God knows His plan. Spirituality encourages it. Human judgement discourages.

03/07/2018 06:54:03 WIB
Kay Hugghins @KayLo1028

#disdgrit A1:I believe every job can be someone's calling. It's all about mindset. Employers, personal lives, upbringing, people close to you, can all encourage or prevent that mindset.

03/07/2018 05:23:02 WIB
Kelsey Payne @kelseyleak

A1: I believe there are all different types of jobs. I had a high school job and a job going though College. I enjoyed them and learned but they were not my calling. They were for the paycheck. Waking up early is the only part of this that feels like a job 🤷🏼‍♀️ #disdgrit

03/07/2018 04:07:49 WIB
Hannah Luper @HannahLuper2

A1: I don’t think everyone treats their job as a calling. There are jobs you have that lead up to it then there is the job you don’t want to live without, your “calling”. I also believe some are just trying to make a living for themselves and/or their families. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:10:25 WIB
Laurie Horn Smith @LHornDISD

@HannahLuper2 Do you think it is difficult for people to find their calling?#disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:17:23 WIB
Lisa Porter Cobble @lisacobble

A1 Every job can be considered a calling. The love and passion that you put in to a job can certainly consider it a calling. I know some jobs can be looked down upon which could be societys' of not considering it a calling. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:11:32 WIB
Rina Hamilton @rosm5

A1: If we do all tasks with the intent of surviving God and his purpose, the answer is yes, all jobs can be viewed and done as a calling. That is very easily said and not so easily done. We tend to have a false sense of service. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 02:49:58 WIB
Rachel Ramer @rmramer

A1. I believe that every job can be treated as a calling. I think things like your attitude and salary/hourly wage can prevent you from seeing your job as a calling. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:02:09 WIB
Rina Hamilton @rosm5

@rmramer I also think how others treat you about what you do effects how you feel about what you do. If you do not feel respected its hard to feel what you are doing is truly worthwhile #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:10:10 WIB
Kyle Uber @KyleUber1

A1: It is possible but very unlikely. It’s encouraging to see others with passion/persistence/GRIT...makes you look at where you are and your mindset. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:02:28 WIB
Jeremy Green @JeremyGreen20

A1. Yes it is possible, if the job wasn't helping someone then the job wouldn't even be necessary. Prevention is due to salary. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:03:36 WIB
Renee Burroughs @ReneeBurroughs

#disdgrit A1. There are jobs people look down upon - but those are the jobs that equate to the highest purpose...trash collector - beautifies...migrant farm worker - food provider... teacher - life changer.

03/07/2018 03:06:09 WIB
Leanne Rogers @LeanneRogers70

A1 - I do think it is possible for everyone to think of their job as a calling. It may not start out that way but you can come to love your job #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:07:31 WIB
Roy Patti @Coach_Patti93

A1: It may be tough for some people to consider their job a calling if they aren't really passionate about it. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:29:45 WIB
Jena Jones @JenaJonesEdu

A1 While social & financial standing &/or lack of opportunity may keep some from finding a calling, all can do a job like a calling. MLK said, "“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted.." #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:09:06 WIB
Chelsey @chelscoggins33

A1 In an ideal world it is possible. People having messed up priorities (money over happiness) it will never happen. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:46:46 WIB
Sheri @smthodge

#disdgrit a2 goals I've achieved my parents got to be proud to see me move on independent of them. Kids hopefully benefit from rapport I build w them. I think I've positively influenced some co workers, close friends. Hopefully my kids have benefited from seeing me pursue life

03/07/2018 06:56:27 WIB
Kay Hugghins @KayLo1028

#disdgrit A2: Over my 27 year teaching career, I've had many challenges to overcome, both professional and personal. Personally, going through a divorce and having my son see me survive and thrive has helped him get through it too. At work, when I overcame them, I taught better.

03/07/2018 05:30:47 WIB
Kelsey Payne @kelseyleak

A2: I think mostly my kids benefit from the challenges and goals I achieve. The past couple of years I have set personal and educational goals for myself and they benefit as well as my school and team. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 04:10:20 WIB
Chelsey @chelscoggins33

A2 I hope my kids benefit. How to experience a set backs and frustrations but continue to move forward at the same time. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:50:55 WIB
Laurie Horn Smith @LHornDISD

@chelscoggins33 They are watching every move and reaction you make. Always learning. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:53:29 WIB
Roy Patti @Coach_Patti93

A2: I believe that by completing my first year as a teacher, I was able to impact multiple students while achieving my own goals. #disdgrit

03/07/2018 03:32:44 WIB
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