Jalen @sonicmario_111
@PicturesFoIder He’s the only one holding the cup right.
nab ❁ @the_only_chez
@PicturesFoIder "Jim, where did you drink go?" "I like to hold my cup upside down."
Zach Wolpoff @wikipuff88
@PicturesFoIder My mom says its from the 70s. They made mugs like this for some reason.
selim şahin @selimshahn
@PicturesFoIder Maybe she is Turkish and she is about to tell Turkish coffee fortune :) You should put the cup upside down. pic.twitter.com/lHlo8l2TCG
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NuzzIsABot @GDNuzzlock
@PicturesFoIder Yo can a dude just enjoy an upsidedownachino
Corey Jump @KornKat2020
@PicturesFoIder Me as I scramble to pose after I set the flash timer on my camera
PRiNCe Ntholi @NYVKS
@PicturesFoIder That's exactly what they be doing in films
Gatokal is watching you @Gatokal
@PicturesFoIder Gee, it’s almost like that’s what they’re laughing at.
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