Keren Parah! Ketika Lagu "Rap God" Eminem Ditampilkan dalam Bahasa Isyarat

Keren banget nih lagu Rap God Eminem dalam bahasa isyarat @tumbenlucu
👨🏻‍🚀 @Ravioghetti

I wonder what the song Rap God would look like in sign language.

30/08/2016 05:20:16 WIB
Steven Stevanu @Panuuu

Gimana kalo eminem - rap god, di jadiin bahasa isyarat buat fansnya eminem yang tunarungu?

08/07/2014 04:33:24 WIB
lelelelelelelelelelelele @hilmym2

mad dog membuat rekor alam semesta : nyanyi lagu rap god (eminem) dengan bahasa isyarat.. greget mampus kan?

05/08/2014 23:55:10 WIB
Gilang Gumilar @GilangAlam

di butuh kan penerjemah bahasa isyarat, dia musti nerjemahin lagunya eminem rap god

18/03/2015 09:25:41 WIB
محمود غزيّل @ghazayel

Such an amazing person @BirdVery is. I just saw her 'sign language' video interpreting Rap God by @Eminem . This is the second time I spot a clip going viral for her on social media. She is giving an amazing voice to those in needs.

21/06/2018 05:31:49 WIB
Cesco 😎🇮🇹 @londonandreams

This is @Eminem’s Rap God in sign language. This is simply amazing!

18/06/2018 04:23:19 WIB
Vera @ChelsSince1970

@MaryT_KE @paolaa_janet It'll only work for internationals though - where the anthems lets her get to work! Plus, i'm guessing the powers diminish if it's not heartfelt 👊

18/06/2018 07:20:43 WIB
brett @GoIdenSkans

I started learning sign language recently and this is insane wtf

21/06/2018 16:04:42 WIB
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Ryan J. Kaz @RealRyanJKaz

here's best thing I've found on the internet today by far!…

21/06/2018 16:20:08 WIB
Steve D @denampmeh

This has put a smile on my face. A big positive plus for diversity and just general awesomeness

22/06/2018 00:28:42 WIB
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Sukisman H. @kiirOHotaru

Amazingg... Nyanyi lagu "RAP GOD"nya Eminem pakai bahasa Inggris saja susahnya bukan main. Tapi Mbak ini pakai Bahasa Isyarat. wtf!!!…

22/06/2018 00:15:26 WIB
˗ˏˋ Oliv' ˊˎ˗‏ @orosell

Rap God in sign language at the 2018 Firefly Music Festival 👏👏👏 #bonjour

22/06/2018 13:17:06 WIB
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