How to Give Them What They're Googling For

Using SEO and Google Analytics to create content that helps people find you online.
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#tourismchat @tourismchat
ONE hour till this month's #tourismchat at 1pm Central. The June chat is about using SEO & Google Analytics to create content that helps people find you. See you soon!…
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Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul
Looking forward to sitting in on #Tourismchat starting in 25 mins at 2pm ET. Today's topic the confluence of my favourite things - tourism, SEO and Analytics!
#tourismchat @tourismchat
Are you new to Twitter chats like #tourismchat? Chat team member @anthony_haag wrote a how-to blog post just for you:…
#tourismchat @tourismchat
Get more coffee/tea/whatever - the June #tourismchat starts in 5 minutes. Topic is Google Analytics & SEO for more successful destination marketing.
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents
We're proud to be on the @tourismchat team - the June #tourismchat starts in 3 minutes, about SEO and Google Analytics. Join us!
Sharon Mostyn @sharonmostyn
As a @googleanalytics & @Conductor certified member of the @CreativationMkt team, with experience in #travel #marketing from the #travelinsurance perspective, I'm especially excited about today's #tourismchat…
Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS
Putting on my @tourismchat hat to help run the June #tourismchat in 2 minutes. Topic: "How to Give Them What They're Googling For" - SEO & Google Analytics. See you there!
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#tourismchat @tourismchat
Welcome to #tourismchat! Today we're talking about Google Analytics, SEO, & getting found online. But first, tell us your favorite summer beverage ... adult or otherwise! 🍺🍹🥤
#tourismchat @tourismchat
Don't forget to use the #tourismchat hashtag in each tweet or we won't "see" you. Dashboards & tools like @TweetChat & TweetDeck can help.
Katie Utken @KatieU57
@tourismchat Howdy! Katie here. I can't get enough cold iced tea in the summer. #tourismchat
Charlene Selbee @CharleneSelbee
Prickly pear margarita made with my homemade prickly pear syrup. #tourismchat…
Katie Utken @KatieU57
@tourismchat Unsweet, though I'll do a sweet or an Arnold Palmer every now and then. #tourismchat
Leslie McLellan @LeslieMcLellan
HI Everyone! Summertime is Mojito time for me, lol! #tourismchat
Everyday Wanderer @ShutterbugSage
@tourismchat Here in Kansas City, our household summer drink is called a Raised Royal in honor of our baseball team. It's huckleberry vodka, lemonade, and Curacao with a twist of lemon or lime. Delish! #tourismchat
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