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The Future is Here! Begini Penampakan Kartu Nama Canggih dengan Konsep Augmented Reality

Masa depan sudah datang! Begini penampilan kartu nama di masa depan @tumbenlucu
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

📱AR Business Card Concept I created this it using ARKit 2.0 with Image Tracking, Could really be how we interact with business cards in the near future. #ARKit #iOS12 #AugmentedReality

18/06/2018 22:41:54 WIB
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

Cc to the people who also posted inspiring cool work with ARKit Image Tracking @u2elan @virakri @robomex @londonrom @yumaSoerianto @talkaboutdesign @heyadam , and thanks @azamsharp for the great tutorial about showing up a web view with ARKit !

18/06/2018 22:43:27 WIB
azamsharp @azamsharp

@OsFalmer I guess we are all waiting for AR Glasses.

18/06/2018 23:05:58 WIB
manu @codePrincess

@OsFalmer this is plain great! did you just drop just one ref image into the asset catalog for the tracking or more?

19/06/2018 01:07:19 WIB
James @jsbilsbrough

@OsFalmer @chartier This is awesome, just showed my boss and he got very excited by what we could do in another real world object scenario

19/06/2018 20:33:51 WIB
MK @marcuskihn

@OsFalmer @stroughtonsmith How do you view something like this? Don’t you need to view this through some kind of glasses? I can create a video like this in Aftrr Effects too. I don’t understand

19/06/2018 15:55:14 WIB
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

@marcuskihn @stroughtonsmith It is a video recorded from the full screen of an iPhone :)

19/06/2018 15:56:36 WIB
MK @marcuskihn

@OsFalmer @stroughtonsmith I see. So you hold the card in one hand and look at it with your phone camera? Doesn’t that make it difficult to interact with the clickable elements on the AR card? It’s really cool. Just trying to understand it’s practicality.

19/06/2018 16:04:51 WIB
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

@marcuskihn @stroughtonsmith The hand is actually holding the card, and then the phone using ARKit creates all the tech around

19/06/2018 16:01:58 WIB
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

@marcuskihn @stroughtonsmith Exactly, you're right that's why it's still a concept even tho it is fully working, all of this will make more sense with the actual AR Glasses!

19/06/2018 16:07:22 WIB
MK @marcuskihn

@OsFalmer @stroughtonsmith Yeah. Glasses will make this next level for sure. Very cool.

19/06/2018 16:08:11 WIB
حسام سليمان | HuSSaM @Se7ss

@OsFalmer @saud264 I swear over ten years ago when I was dealing with hundreds of buisness cards as representitve of the company that I was working with, I dreamed that one day we will be able to creat full detailed phone contacts by scanning the cards or the person face with the phone camera. 👍🏻

19/06/2018 18:09:41 WIB
Oscar Falmer @OscarFalmer

@jsteinerman @braddwyer Yes it requires an app and for now there is nothing to use ARKit on Web, and I don’t think there will ever be, in order to have a very good UX

19/06/2018 20:40:20 WIB


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