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#ABLC Live-Tweets the #FLDebate via @Chirpstory

The intrepid bloggers at Angry Black Lady Chronicles are live-tweeting the Florida GOP debate. We'll include the best comments we see from our favorite Tweeps! Nominate your faves by RTing them to @allanbrauer. Refresh your browser periodically to see the latest additions to this Chirpstory. We're doing it live!
Minna Hong @asiangrrlMN

Hiya. I will be live-blogging the GOP debate at #ABLC. @allanbrauer will have an ongoing @chirpstory of the best tweets. Join us!

24/01/2012 05:18:25 WIB
Minna Hong @asiangrrlMN

@hubbit Yes. 8 p.m. asiangrrlMN time, NBC live-stream. From Florida. I'm hoping for actual body blows.

24/01/2012 05:21:38 WIB
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer

Standing by to live-tweet the #FLDebate. If any of my Tweeps see a great tweet to include, RT it so I can add it to the @Chirpstory.

24/01/2012 08:32:26 WIB

Ron Paul making last minute adjustments tucks eyebrows behind ears. #NBCdebate

24/01/2012 08:49:04 WIB
G O L D I E. @goldietaylor

I'm rooting for Newt tonight y'all. Who can resist a good explosion?

24/01/2012 08:50:38 WIB
Imani Gandy ✊🏾 @AngryBlackLady

#ABLC is live-tweeting the shit out of this debate. @allanbrauer is chirpstorying it, @asiangrrlMN is blogging it, & I’m doing what I want.

24/01/2012 08:58:38 WIB
Debbie Wasserman Schultz @DWStweets

RT @TheDemocrats: We're responding live to the Republican candidates in tonight's #fldebate here on Twitter and at

24/01/2012 09:01:51 WIB
Imani Gandy ✊🏾 @AngryBlackLady


24/01/2012 09:03:30 WIB
Nate Silver @NateSilver538

Gingrich played the Reagan Card a world record 3.26 seconds into the debate.

24/01/2012 09:04:22 WIB
Katie Halper @kthalps

I'm not sure I'll be able to stay up during this debate. Not sure the candidates will either. Brian Williams's voice is a soporific.

24/01/2012 09:04:47 WIB
Dr. liberalvixen @liberalvixen

Seriously, NBC...I'm not going to watch this crap if you are tape delaying it for the West Coast. This isn't the Oscars. #FLDebate #p2

24/01/2012 09:04:54 WIB
Talking Points Memo @TPM

Newt saying he "took responsibility" and left Speakership on his own, wasn't dragged out at all

24/01/2012 09:05:11 WIB
Ezra Klein @ezraklein

If these first two answers were all you knew of the GOP primary, you would assume Gingrich was the frontrunner and Romney the challenger.

24/01/2012 09:06:28 WIB
TrumpelThinSkin @SherrieGG

oooh romney says gingrich had to resign in disgrace is now an influene peddler. "Meanwhile I ran the Olympics."

24/01/2012 09:06:35 WIB
Imani Gandy ✊🏾 @AngryBlackLady

Shorter Romney: I was the Michael Phelps of the 1980-whatever Winter Olympics. #FLDebate

24/01/2012 09:06:39 WIB
Sidda @Sidda

I'm not going to spend the evening correcting Romney. Because I want to only speak truth here. And. Bring up Reagan. #FLdebate

24/01/2012 09:08:03 WIB
David Axelrod @davidaxelrod

Mitt didn't quite connect with the question about not connecting. Instead, he rips Newt.

24/01/2012 09:08:12 WIB
Imani Gandy ✊🏾 @AngryBlackLady

Is Brian Williams trying to hypnotize Newt into not being a dick to the debate moderator? He’s lulling me to slee-zzzzzzzz. #FLDebate

24/01/2012 09:08:19 WIB
Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow

Romney trying to go for the jugular, but he's toothless. Gnawing like a baby on a rattle. Sad...

24/01/2012 09:09:36 WIB
Ezra Klein @ezraklein

Gingrich refuses to correct Romney's lies. Because they are lies. And Romney is a liar. Romney liar Romney liar Romney liar.

24/01/2012 09:09:48 WIB
Katie Halper @kthalps

Newt Gingrich's facial expressions in response to Romney's criticisms scream colonoscopy. #FLdebate

24/01/2012 09:10:11 WIB
David Corn @DavidCornDC

So far: You are a liar. No, you are a liar. No, it's you who is lying. No, really, it's you, really you, who are lying. #NBCDebate

24/01/2012 09:10:34 WIB
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau


24/01/2012 09:10:35 WIB
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