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Kocaknya Meme Reaksi Kim Jong-Un Ketika Trump Ngomong Agar Kelihatan Tampan dan Kurus ke Fotografer

Momen bersejarah Donald Trump bertemu dengan Kim Jong Un, ternyata Trump sempat minta hal ini ke fotografer
NowThis @nowthisnews

Trump to photographers: Are you taking good pictures so we look 'nice and handsome and thin?' Kim Jong-un: ...

12/06/2018 11:23:51 WIB
Jim Acosta @Acosta

Trump and Kim just allowed Singapore government TV cameras into their lunch but not WH pool. Trump said to Host TV: “Are you getting a nice photo... So we look nice and handsome and beautiful and perfect?"

12/06/2018 11:13:20 WIB
Lori McPeck @growlbiscuit

@Acosta @OackLee I actually agree, nobody needs to see #45 and Kim in the pool, we might not ever recover🤢

12/06/2018 11:25:30 WIB
rauf shafi @iam_raufshafi

@nowthisnews Kim Jong was’nt expecting this, so looking a little terrified.. lol

12/06/2018 11:36:56 WIB
JoanMarDK @JoanMarM

@nowthisnews LOL! You'll never look like Obama, chump. And we all know that Obama being "nice and handsome and thin" - not to mention cool, and decent, and knowledgable, and lovable - is giving you major heartburn.

12/06/2018 11:39:22 WIB
Damon Williams @DW_Coach_PA

@nowthisnews America, I’m sorry you’re represented by this...

12/06/2018 12:01:23 WIB
Candice C. @candicensd

@nowthisnews Words NEVER associated with Trump or Kim Jong Un: 1. Nice 2. Handsome 3. Thin I find it Interesting that he chose adjectives that NO ONE in the world would ever use to describe him. Or, Kim Jong Un, for that matter. It just doesn't make any sense. 🤔

12/06/2018 12:21:44 WIB
Laurie O'Brien @greenpeeps5

@Acosta Gee, I hope he answered, "I'm a photographer, not a miracle worker."

12/06/2018 12:56:14 WIB
Tedmond Onoarue Jegede @TedmondJegede

@nowthisnews Lmao...... Kim's reaction is everything 😂😂😂

12/06/2018 13:54:34 WIB


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