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Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 10/06/2018 18:24:29 WIB
Hello @rapidpg how are you anyway actually this is my artwork xoxo
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Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 10/06/2018 18:28:53 WIB
@hauranjkm @rapidpg Iyani dikasih tau sama grup kantor lama heuheu soalnya mereka juga pada kaget dan emang ga mungkin kan mereka "minjem" gambar?
Rapid Penang @rapidpg 10/06/2018 18:37:00 WIB
@hauranjkm @diptaes Hello there! We are good, thanks. Oh, we’ve got to check back in order to confirm it. It’s definitely unintentional otherwise we would have mentioned you. Please allow us to check back. Thank you
Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 10/06/2018 18:42:50 WIB
@rapidpg Hey thank you for the reply. Yes please mention @PT_TransJakarta in the future I'd really appreciate it (but of course I hope this won't be happening again). Thank you!
Rapid Penang @rapidpg 10/06/2018 19:17:57 WIB
@diptaes @PT_TransJakarta Based on our findings, the design was not taken and adjusted. It was created wholly but by referring back to ideas from the web. We apologise on the design similarity. We will definitely ensure this does not happen again. Thanks for notifying us. We appreciate it.
Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 10/06/2018 21:17:45 WIB
@rapidpg @PT_TransJakarta E lha pegimana yaiyala similar nenek nenek lagi latian muay thai juga tau itu gambar aing. Ngecropnya æ nga rapi itu ada hejo hejo bekas baju si dedeknya hhhh gimana ni kolega tolonq bantu aq berarqumen sulelah
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Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 10/06/2018 22:48:40 WIB
Also ps: yes it's my work but I made this for @PT_TransJakarta when I worked there so yea dont forget to mention them in this narrative
Natal @natallouis 11/06/2018 02:07:42 WIB
@diptaes @rapidpg @PT_TransJakarta Jadi ikut bermain “carilah persamaan 2 gambar ini”
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Rapid Penang @rapidpg 11/06/2018 07:23:14 WIB
@diptaes Hi, We'll like to truly apologize on the artwork. We will credit pt Jakarta and yourself in the artwork. We always credit ideas and any artwork taken from the web. Based on our checking, the design was created by an amateur. Which was inspired by your artwork for pt Jakarta.
Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 11/06/2018 14:11:42 WIB
UPDATE The designer contacted me this morning and apologized for using my work. Rapid Penang has also apologized as well and I can understand why they didn't give me credit. I'm aware that I didn't put my name or my username.
Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 11/06/2018 14:11:43 WIB
However, I think it is pretty obvious that my work is owned by PT. Transjakarta and I really wish they apologize to PT. Transjakarta as well.
Ésnawan, Dipta @diptaes 11/06/2018 15:49:35 WIB
Forgot to mention this. The pic has been taken down from their IG page.

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