Viral di twitter, foto seorang wanita membawa koper dengan gambar wajahnya. Hal ini picu reaksi geli dari netizen
Virginia Hughes @virginiahughes
It Is With Great Regret That I Must Inform You People Are Printing Their Faces On Luggage buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/f… via @braddybb
Ben Phillips @benphillips76
"People who put their own face on their luggage so it never gets lost." Need more for this series ... pic.twitter.com/2MMHZxKIfL
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Ron DOV @rez512
This woman who got her own face printed on her luggage is the hero we need right now pic.twitter.com/kqUFPS0vo7
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Hannah 🎃 @broadwaybanana
I’ve really been laughing so hard at the “lady with own face as luggage” post for ten entire minutes right now this might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen like pic.twitter.com/DmTApzQIox
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Dubai 92 @Dubai92
AYLISSA: are you always losing your suitcase on the luggage carousel? WELL....here’s a solution! YOUR FACE ON A CASE! 👌🏼😁 GENIUS! pic.twitter.com/h48Aas0AEa
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Quentin Sommerville @sommervilletv
This personalised face luggage is a great idea* *other 20th century dictators available in three luggage sizes pic.twitter.com/wnrAsOcowb
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🍁🎃J. Dianne Dotson🎃🍁 @jdiannedotson
@rez512 @BellatrixCarrie Genius because let's be real, nobody else is going to get it by mistake!
PJ @aslmdad
@rez512 @TheRickWilson I want to be the guy to grab it off the luggage carousel and then be like, “Oh, I’m sorry, is this your’s?”
Harry Hamid @katydidknot
@rez512 "But can you prove this is your luggage, ma'am?"
💕💋Virtual GFE Wren💋💕 @SongbirdWren
@jdiannedotson @rez512 @BellatrixCarrie Yup! It was designed actually similarly to keep people from stealing "by mistake" lol
Quentin Sommerville @sommervilletv
They’ll start putting their kids’ faces on their luggage and then everyone’s will look the same again. buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/f…
Kristen Bauer @kristenbauer
I mean, this is an absurd idea, but at least @Elliott_Sadler won't grab the wrong luggage from the team plane after a race again ➡️ buzzfeed.com/bradesposito/f… 😂😂 @jacob_schauf @kelseytuc


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