Jaylynn Malone @ebonypotatohead
Today this is what my sister came into my room to show me pic.twitter.com/3TiubH1VxR
Tommy Jones @Blxckboi_
@ebonypotatohead Pause how did y’all do that lol I wanna make my moms proud today lol
London™ 🏳️‍🌈 @brighteyedkid
@ebonypotatohead @IM_A_COKEBOY_ Lol I love the original video, but love that your mom is gettin into it so much even more ❤️

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Jaylynn Malone @ebonypotatohead
Let’s give it up for my mama and sister for making this thread possible. Stars, icons, skinny legends. pic.twitter.com/6OdAO1eqa7
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