Iklan 'Baju Tembus Pandang' yang Bertema Ramadan Bikin Netizen Gagal Paham Berjamaah, Ternyata Ada Fakta di Baliknya yang Langsung Membuka Wawasan Gue

Ternyata budaya di Timur Tengah adalah merayakan sahur dan iftar dengan pesta dan glamor.

Lain merk, lain blunder…

Maryam Saleh مريم صالح @MaryamSaleh

hi can y’all stop commercializing ramadan do you even know what suhoor is thanks pic.twitter.com/0y10soFvNK

26/05/2018 04:07:31 WIB
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Salma Inuwa @salma_inuwa

@MaryamSaleh @StarveYourEgo There's a "look" for sahur?🤨 who the heck has time to do make up when you just waking up from sleep to eat and pray?!🙄 😕

27/05/2018 19:16:33 WIB
Rowaida Abdelaziz @Rowaida_Abdel

@MaryamSaleh Wait you mean you don’t look like this waking up at 3:30am to eat frantically?

26/05/2018 04:24:22 WIB

Ternyata di beberapa negara di Timur Tengah, menjalani sahur dengan berpesta itu sudah budaya, sehingga tampil cantik menjadi salah satu hal yang jadi pertimbangan.

Mariam @MariamKSHakim

For anyone confused; this is an actual thing in the Middle East. There are 'Suhoor buffets' from 9pm - 3am. Women dress up. But not as much as the iftar parties. Below is a product of the intersection between #religion & #consumerism. It risks lessening the spiritual value. twitter.com/caveheraa/stat…

27/05/2018 13:03:47 WIB
Mariam @MariamKSHakim

Right folks if you're here & like my words pls give me a follow. You won't be disappointed. Today is one of those days I'm kicking myself for not doing an earlier thread idea I had on my reflections & learnings as a Western Muslim out here in the Middle East. #cultureShock

27/05/2018 19:01:53 WIB
Mariam @MariamKSHakim

To provide further insight, last night I was at a #Ramadan tent for #iftar (with my MAC make up on) which goes on to serve these types of #Suhoor buffets. Ppl like to dress nicely & it's an attractive environment. But there's always a risk the spiritual element is diminished. pic.twitter.com/XtjFOsH9c2

27/05/2018 19:17:01 WIB
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Mariam @MariamKSHakim

I find CNN's @cnni reporting on this ridiculous & so American-centric. It may help if they talk to some ACTUAL Muslim women in the Middle East about this issue. I'm not defending MAC, but they're marketing the #SuhoorLook to a specific target audience. mobile.twitter.com/cnni/status/10…

27/05/2018 20:03:16 WIB
𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕠𝕤’𝕤 𝕤𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘 @Ayesha_Mattu

@nashpatianswer @radbrowndads @seesomething This ad is by MAC Middle East. I understand the initial bewilderment by US Muslims, but investigate before accusing @MACcosmetics. Muslims are not a monolith. US Muslims should try to be more aware of those in the Gulf, Egypt, etc., where suhoor parties ARE a thing.

29/05/2018 02:17:01 WIB
Dani @fuegofats

@salma_inuwa @MaryamSaleh @StarveYourEgo It’s targeted for people who live in Muslim countries that actually go out for suhoor

27/05/2018 19:18:55 WIB
Audrey Andini @andiniaudrey

@MaryamSaleh @arindrawr gw juga baru tau kalau di beberapa wilayah middle-east tertentu mereka ada sahur glam gitu dan itu adsnya untuk daerah middle-east itu m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5b…

02/06/2018 02:09:24 WIB
URL HuffPost MAC's Ramadan Makeup Tutorial Sparks Debate, Highlights The Holiday's Diversity The predawn meal is a festive social gathering in some Middle Eastern cultures, but many American Muslims can't relate. 64
Audrey Andini @andiniaudrey

@MaryamSaleh @arindrawr @arindrawr targeting adsnya fail banget ya bisa sampe ke luar target market 😂

02/06/2018 02:12:16 WIB
سلوى @salthepali

Girls in the Middle East at suhoor vs me at suhoor #ramadan #mac pic.twitter.com/vkcSTwnoR0

28/05/2018 22:29:07 WIB
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Mariam @MariamKSHakim

@Naz_Faulkner @caveheraa Trust me ladies I've been recently learning this all myself too. I personally would do suhoor at the allocated time, usually in the home environment with a half-asleep look. These are marathon buffets, with a social element, where ppl join in & leave at any time between 9pm-3am

27/05/2018 17:44:26 WIB
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