#BlackTwitter Salivates Over the Salacious Winter Season Finale of Shonda Rhimes' #Scandal

#BlackTwitter, as @DrGoddess claims, is almost singlehandedly responsible for the short, seven-episode success of ABC's new hit show, "Scandal." Now that the rest of the world is catching the hint, #BlackTwitter keeps spreading its wings and showing everyone while we're still the best on Twitter and in Social Television (or Social anything,for that matter :-) Enjoy and Follow @DrGoddess for more info & go here: http://drgoddess.com
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Tish @tish_marie93
We finally got to hear Olivia utter those 3 words "I Love You"!! I was starting to think she never told him @kerrywashington #AskScandal
Ally M. The Girl Loves Magic @GirlLovesMagic
No seriously I need fitz to be ok. I can't take this. I'm hurting. I love @tonygoldwyn #askscandal #Scandal
Yanell Holiday @YanellH
@drgoddess in Philly area. Can't watch due to the stinkin' Eagles football game! I'm so sad right now! Details PLEASE!
Oh hey Holier-Than-Thou Sally? Guess what happened on that desk you're so happy to be sitting at? #AskScandal @tonygoldwyn @kerrywashington
Razzle B. Dazzle @rallo07
Haaaaaaa RT @phenomenal222: I absolutely with every fiber of my body want Quinn to spontaneously combust. #ShutIt #Scandal
Furia Morgendorffer @KidFury
I'd buy a cardboard cutout of Keri Hilson before I stood in Huck's way.
Sylvia von Fleeque @franksnbeanz
The power of the pussy. RT @Cubanita_bean He was catfished at AA. Damn you becky
Donald Hughes @donaldhughes
somebody has to die now...setting Huck up was the wrong answer. #Scandal
SistaTVTweetmeBlack @tweetmeblack
I just hollered and damn near wrote up the neighborhood no he did not last hands on Harrison like that #whatthehuck #scandal
Fake Maya Angelou @FakeMayaAngelou
Huck, with thee I empathize. I too was sprung on he who took my virginity. He could do no wrong, and he sold drugs. #Scandal
.... @ImPrinceMaurice
Huck done ruined his life due to the crazy box smh ..... Blinded by the yams
Angela Naomi @AngNaomi
Lawd Huck got got for the ultimate okie doke!!! Lemme go make my drank
gabifresh @gabifresh
At this point they need to call the authorities, that little hidden closet thing is all the evidence they need to show its a setup
Dr. Goddess is teaching “August Wilson Dramas!” 🎭 @drgoddess
DrGoddess Live-Tweets "The Four Winds" (Shonda, Judy, Kerry) on Oprah's #NextChapter #Scandal has been chir.. http://t.co/sxGhW502
Bené @beneviera
Every single time, b. RT @ManyStyles: Becky'll get you, every time.
Huck's girlfriend's stalker level is at Taylor Swift levels... #Scandal
The Goddess of Light @GoddessCru
What the fuck, Huck? They told you. Harrison told you. #Scandal
Tom Joyner @TJMShow
hate 2 be shallow but is everybody ok w/ those checks & polka dots Columbus Short's wearing? #TJMSScandalParty http://t.co/E68P19cf #Scandal
Nisha B @GoldenDiva1
Lmao!!!!! RT "@Jay3Wil: Black women are so happy to finally have an actual "Becky" to blame for things.. lol"
Jozen (say Joe-Zen) @jozenc
Okay, yeah, Huck didn't shoot the president. I'm sorry y'all. But you still don't talk to Huck any type of way.
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