Grand K @GrandKWorld
@AllPureSkill @shontexo What’s so wrong about twerking? In New Orleans this is apart of our culture. That we start at an early age.
🤝 ⃠ @AllPureSkill
@kayBeautyy @shontexo hey I live in Louisiana so I know but there’s a time and place for everything and twerking is a sexual dance so
Nalo A.K. Zidan @NaloDarling
@AllPureSkill @kayBeautyy @shontexo Nah. Tweeting is only sexual because y’all hypersexualize girls/women’s bodies.
🤝 ⃠ @AllPureSkill
@Curlsandwords @kayBeautyy @shontexo I’m not here to argue personally but don’t play dumb twerking ain’t exactly the 2 step or cabbage patch
🤝 ⃠ @AllPureSkill
@Curlsandwords @kayBeautyy @shontexo now you yapping lmfao it’s your opinion I respect that but yeah


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