Andy Baio @waxpancake
Want to see what your Twitter timeline would've looked like 10 years ago today, if you followed all the same people you do now? twitter.com/search?f=tweet…
Jake Rodkin @ja2ke
@waxpancake Wow I missed out on the best twitter, the twitter where I already knew all the rad people I've met or found in the last ten years, but back when twitter was good.
Andy Baio @waxpancake
(If you’re using the Twitter mobile app, you may need to click the “Latest” tab to see all tweets and not just the highlights.)
Andy Baio @waxpancake
@HoboStew @ja2ke make sure you click the Latest tab if you're on mobile to see everything
Andy Baio @waxpancake
By the way, if you remove the date parameter from that search and click "Latest," you get a strict reverse-chronological timeline with no algorithm junk. 🙌 twitter.com/search?f=tweet…
Andy Baio @waxpancake
@holloway make sure you click "Latest" to see all tweets instead of just "Top Tweets"
jessamyn west @jessamyn
@waxpancake @HoboStew @ja2ke Andy you are like the librarian telling everyone what time it is and where the bathroom is.
M❄️❄️shki @mooshki
@holloway @waxpancake @hotdogsladies Ha, mine too! (But I also have a good dose of @wilw thrown in for spice.)
Andy Baio @waxpancake
And change the date to whenever you like! Here's what Twitter looked like FIVE years ago today. (Hit "Latest" to see all tweets if you're on mobile.) twitter.com/search?src=typ…
Stacy Zingg❤ @StacyG333
@acmonta @waxpancake @holloway I wish I hadn't...Dang I sure do miss you, President Obama
(((SB Starbuck))) 📎 @SBStarbuck
@waxpancake OMG, please tell me that everyone's Top Tweets were all @wilw... pic.twitter.com/cpv0bYWuye
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