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Sampai Jadi Meme, Ekspresi Nggak Nyaman Mantan Pacar Yang Hadiri Pernikahan Prince Harry Jadi Sorotan

Chelsea Davy dan mantan pacar Prince Harry diundang ke pernikahannya. Ekspresi anehnya jadi viral dan sampai jadi meme
Samantha Quek @SamanthaQuek

Prince Harry’s ex girlfriends face at the #RoyalWedding is a picture 😂 #ItShouldHaveBeenMe

19/05/2018 16:16:53 WIB
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Rume Ugen @keepitfrank

Prince Harry’s ex Chelsea Davy looks like she’s ready to say “I OBJECT!” Meghan better be careful she don’t get her wig snatched ! 👀🐸☕️ #RoyalWedding

19/05/2018 16:27:05 WIB
The Root @TheRoot

This is fine. Everything’s fine. Nothing to see here. Prince Harry’s ex #RoyalWedding

19/05/2018 16:31:39 WIB
Young Black King 👑♠ @pyepar

Prince Harry's EX at his #RoyalWedding today. I CANNAT with the face 😂😂😂

19/05/2018 16:53:45 WIB
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LADbible @ladbible

Prince Harry's ex's face at Royal Wedding becomes instant meme.…

19/05/2018 16:59:04 WIB
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MADE IN POOR TASTE @madeinpoortaste

Prince Harry’s ex’s face at the royal wedding 😂😂 “It could have been me”

19/05/2018 17:11:54 WIB
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🖖 @LethaboCM

This is Prince Harry's ex face right now 😂. Why did she go to the #RoyalWedding. I wouldn't have went.

19/05/2018 17:27:05 WIB
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ʜ ᴏ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ @rimkardash

Prince Harry's ex when the priest says "speak now or forever hold your peace" #RoyalWedding

19/05/2018 17:29:08 WIB
callum 🌬 @callumwam

prince harry’s ex what now????

19/05/2018 17:36:18 WIB
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The Mask Isn't for You @NinaHarrelsonTV

What’s going through Prince Harry’s ex’s mind right now?? #RoyalWedding

19/05/2018 18:54:36 WIB
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efiaodo @efiaodo1

This is the moment where Prince Harry’s ex realized she messed up 🤷🏾‍♀️

19/05/2018 19:11:33 WIB
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Marta ♏♀️ @ThePettyBish

We're all Prince Harry's ex girlfriend right now #RoyalWedding #HarryandMeghan

19/05/2018 19:59:14 WIB
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Kelsey Vedder @spartyved

Prince Harry’s ex realizing the, “hey, you up?” texts didn’t work 😂 #RoyalWedding #RoyalWedding2018

19/05/2018 20:23:56 WIB
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AC @ACThePlug

Prince Harry’s ex Chelsy came dressed for her own funeral #RoyalWedding

19/05/2018 20:43:38 WIB
Sema Mr. Abramovic👑👔 @kummar27

Prince Harry invited all his ex-girlfriends especially long time ex Chelsy Davy & Cressida Bonas. I’m inspired. All my exes are invited to my future wedding #Word

19/05/2018 21:28:30 WIB
fatima @fatimataqishah

Prince harry’s ex girlfriend face at the #RoyalWeddingTODAY is a pic. It’s should have been me

20/05/2018 04:10:41 WIB
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Mark Greenwood @markgreenwood87

I think this is one of Prince Harry's ex's. That face you pull when you realise you've probably fu*€ed up 🙈😂 Oh what could have been 🙊

20/05/2018 04:32:46 WIB
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