"Guy is Handsome and a Hero!" Di mana saya Bisa Temukan Pria Sebaik Dia?

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The Dodo @dodo

When this guy found a bunny floating in a lake, he decided to save his life. He even made him a little bed to recover in 🐰💞 pic.twitter.com/P0nyhCLT4r

15/05/2018 22:58:00 WIB
Mia Resists 💃🏻 @MiaMiaCuIpa

@dodo Does he rescue floundering, suddenly out of breath, weak in the knees women too? Damn. He's adorable. And the bunny too.

15/05/2018 23:30:54 WIB
Lieutenant Reggie rabbit🐰bugger of a bunny 🤣 @Rosie_fluffybun

@o_pebbles @dodo Awww dats so wuverly boof pebbles, fankoo fur sharin dat wiv uz 💞🐰💞 my beddy bed time now, az a wuverly nite, nitey nite 😘😘😘😘

16/05/2018 04:21:25 WIB
Lieutenant Reggie rabbit🐰bugger of a bunny 🤣 @Rosie_fluffybun

@o_pebbles @dodo Gud mornin boof pebbles 💞😻💞 bin rainin ere...az yoo ad sweet purrrrrfect dreamies 😘😘😘😘

16/05/2018 12:46:16 WIB
(Angel) Pebbles O @o_pebbles

@Rosie_fluffybun @dodo Mornin little one 💋💋 we had a rough night as humum wasn't good so think we might both need a nap. Had my Dreamies first thing. What are you having/ had? 🐰🐰😺😺😻😻💗💗

16/05/2018 16:49:01 WIB
Lieutenant Reggie rabbit🐰bugger of a bunny 🤣 @Rosie_fluffybun

@o_pebbles @dodo Oh no i hopez ur mummy iz ok n feelin beta dis mornin boof pebbles, givez her a hug n kissyfur from me 💞😘 i ad apple dis mornin i wuvs it 💞🐰💞

16/05/2018 17:00:04 WIB
(Angel) Pebbles O @o_pebbles

@Rosie_fluffybun @dodo Humum would love to cuddle and kiss you 🐰🐰💋💋💗💗

16/05/2018 20:38:37 WIB
Lieutenant Reggie rabbit🐰bugger of a bunny 🤣 @Rosie_fluffybun

@o_pebbles @dodo Awww givez ur mummy a cuddle n kissyfur from me 💞😘💞 watz yoo upto today boof pebbles 💞😻💞

16/05/2018 21:08:45 WIB
(Angel) Pebbles O @o_pebbles

@Rosie_fluffybun we are napping and trying to wake up. She was tickling younose on yourvideo yesterday. I think she lovesyouxx

16/05/2018 21:16:26 WIB
Danielle Morris @DaniMorris_

@dodo I'm sure this guy was on love island season 1. What a lovely thing to do. 😍🐰

17/05/2018 02:33:59 WIB
Jacqueline E Plant @PlantJacqueline

@dodo @NinaPozzinina Well done to that amazing man kindness and love all day long 🐇💛♥️

17/05/2018 03:42:36 WIB
Jacqueline E Plant @PlantJacqueline

@NinaPozzinina @dodo He definitely is an absolute superstar 🐇😍♥️♥️♥️

17/05/2018 03:52:16 WIB
🐝 Pandora's Box 🐝🇪🇺 @NinaPozzinina

@PlantJacqueline @dodo I really miss my house rabbits. They were wonderful and made our house a home. 🐰🐰🐰😍

17/05/2018 03:52:41 WIB
Jacqueline E Plant @PlantJacqueline

@NinaPozzinina @dodo I’ve never had a rabbit friends have I love them 🐇🐇💝💝💝

17/05/2018 03:54:02 WIB
🐝 Pandora's Box 🐝🇪🇺 @NinaPozzinina

@PlantJacqueline @dodo I love all animals 😍🐰🐶🐱🐭🐹, but I’ve only ever kept rabbits and hamsters 😊. Hubby wanted a cat, I wanted a dog, but when we bought our house the previous owners didn’t want to take their rabbit with them 😢🐰. We kept her and then went on to rescue and adopt two more 🐰🐰.

17/05/2018 04:01:29 WIB
Jacqueline E Plant @PlantJacqueline

@NinaPozzinina @dodo Aww that’s lovely of you 🐇I’m the same I adore all animals I’ve always had dogs and cats together I have 2 dogs and I cat xxxx🐾🐾❤️❤️😘

17/05/2018 04:03:23 WIB
🐝 Pandora's Box 🐝🇪🇺 @NinaPozzinina

@PlantJacqueline @dodo Awww, that’s wonderful. I hope to have a dog one day. I told my husband that he can have as many cats as he likes if he lets me have a dog 😂🐶🐱🐱🐱

17/05/2018 04:05:04 WIB
Jacqueline E Plant @PlantJacqueline

@NinaPozzinina @dodo Thank you that will be fabulous let me see pics pls when you have them xxxx💗💗💗🐾

17/05/2018 04:06:53 WIB
Amy Ann O'Brien @PRINCESSOB1

@dodo The link to follow on Insta isn't working 😓😣

17/05/2018 16:06:36 WIB
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