ABL & Co. Drink and Live-Tweet the LOLWTFBBQ GOP #CNNDebate

Because America. -ABLxx
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Ok, I just drank two beers and ate two egg sandwiches. *belch* Time for the LOLGOP CLOWN SHOW OMGWTFBBQ SOMEBODY HALP. #p2 #TFY #SCDebate

20/01/2012 07:58:46 WIB
Ian Boudreau @iboudreau

GOP Idol semifinals tonight... totes stoked

20/01/2012 06:01:35 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

They already said the pledge of allegiance, read the constitution, read the Magna Carta in old English and reanimated Betsy Ross. #CNNDebate

20/01/2012 08:05:22 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady


20/01/2012 08:05:39 WIB
Dub Pool @dubpool

@KagroX Did you notice we had to take their word that the Pledge was recited at the #GOPDebate? And no one re-affirmed on camera!

20/01/2012 10:09:33 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

This is how the debate is going to work: I’ll ask questions. You’ll avoid them and talk about how you hate black people. #CNNDebate

20/01/2012 08:07:07 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Shorter Newt: I'm from Georgia, y'all. Sooo many fleet-footed negroes there, MIRITE RON PAUL?! *wink wink nudge nudge* #CNNDebate #p2

20/01/2012 08:09:45 WIB
The Mysterious LOLGOP @LOLGOP

The difference between Newt Gingrich and the south? The south will rise again.

20/01/2012 08:03:08 WIB
Badger @socratic

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" - Republicans jeer. "I am appalled that you would bring that up" - Republicans cheer.

20/01/2012 10:49:23 WIB
Elon James White wears a Mask @elonjames

Sheesh. Newt Gingrich has learned all he has to say is "No." and he'll get a full on applause break. #CNNdebate

20/01/2012 08:09:48 WIB
Elon James White wears a Mask @elonjames

My God. Newt Gingrich has figured out how to get an entire room to IGNORE his lies and deceit. This man is dangerous. #CNNdebate

20/01/2012 08:10:46 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

ok, I totally cracked up just then. "No." Sanctimonious Newt is sanctimonious. He's Greenwalding. #CNNDebate #p2

20/01/2012 08:10:50 WIB
Elon James White wears a Mask @elonjames

Wait--your ex wife says you're a douche and you're mad that the NEWS acknowledged it? You're running for POTUS! SERIOUSLY? #CNNdebate

20/01/2012 08:13:07 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Newt just took off his earrings. His friends are holding him back. #CNNDebate #p2

20/01/2012 08:11:52 WIB
The Mysterious LOLGOP @LOLGOP

If Newt had peed on John King, he would instantly been named the nominee.

20/01/2012 08:17:10 WIB
Human Capital Stock Unit Designate "Zandar" @ZandarVTS

And the crowd basically applauding the idea that White privleged male Republicans should never, ever be questioned.

20/01/2012 08:12:36 WIB
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

What you are witnessing here, ladies and gentleman, is called Major League Chutzpah. Correctly used, @dvnix? #cnndebate

20/01/2012 08:12:47 WIB
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

If I'm John King, my follow up is, "so does that mean you did or didn't ask Marianne for an open marriage?" #cnndebate

20/01/2012 08:14:47 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Gingrich complaining about the liberal elite media on TeaNN? Irony just farted. #CNNDebate #p2

20/01/2012 08:14:52 WIB
Imani Gandy ☄️🌏🔥 @AngryBlackLady

Is Mitt taking credit for jobs created after he was no longer with Shitstain Capital? Give me a break. #CNNDebate

20/01/2012 08:20:50 WIB
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