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Tertipu Foto Internet, Twit Netijen Soal Kolam Renang Hotel Vietnam Yang Ternyata Mungil Jadi Sorotan

'Life is all about perspective' - hidup ini tergantung dari sudut pandang kita
Jenny Kershaw @jkersh95

Our hotel pool in VS reality 😂🤣😂 we’ve been done there

12/05/2018 19:00:15 WIB
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Owen. @owennandrews

@jennykershawx @elcalverley I’ve seen baths bigger than this 😂😂😭😭

13/05/2018 20:32:49 WIB
Christopher Crouzet @zcrou

@jennykershawx Just next to that photo on (…) there's another photo clearly showing that the swimming pool is super small. I'm sure you've seen it too but bitching is definitely more fun, isn't it.

14/05/2018 12:31:47 WIB
T @hamrust

@zcrou @jennykershawx this one? It's a little misleading as well

14/05/2018 14:23:26 WIB
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Christopher Crouzet @zcrou

@hamrust @jennykershawx Yes, this one. The plants on the side make the dimensions of the pool unambiguous. Unless one thinks these are Amazonian trees.

14/05/2018 15:47:49 WIB
T @hamrust

@zcrou @jennykershawx yeah but I guess someone taking a passing look at the picture would focus on the middle and miss the plants

14/05/2018 16:20:35 WIB
Nom @Nominnes68

@jennykershawx This is our pool in Kuala Lumpur not that I’m trying to make you jealous lol

14/05/2018 18:21:44 WIB
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✨عبدالعزيز القلاف✨ @allawi98

@jennykershawx @jamal__addin I live in vietnam and you should have tried Lotte hotel Photos on website are same in reality Best residence there

14/05/2018 23:23:43 WIB
ぇお @Hawkwoood

@owennandrews @jennykershawx @elcalverley Let us know how many people are in there at the same time lol

15/05/2018 00:17:53 WIB


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