Muawia Khan @mobykhn
You know Ramadhan is near when the ending of Avengers: Infinity Wars reminds you of Surah Al-Qaria and you start saying Astaghfaar. #JustMuslimThings
Kirifuda ✪ @fitznaw
@shaafyy_ Ye dowh. The moment I watched that scene in the movie, it reminds me of tiupan sangkakala pada hari kiamat.
fafa mulan 🌸 @arifahbadli
@shaafyy_ when thanos said ‘choose a side’ it really reminded me of dajjal T_____T
ASYRFYSR @HappyAsyraaf
@shaafyy_ @bluenippleswhat What a great prespective and a reminder for everyone... I like how she sees things and reflect it with the quran verses... Masyaallah😍 i wish to see everything in the world that way one day In Shaa Allah.


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