The Dodo @dodo
When people came across this poisonous snake stuck in a can, they knew they had to save his life 🐍 pic.twitter.com/FiDUTEJwsF
Bobby McGill @Bobbyxcelticw
@dodo Poor thing ! God Bless those people who saved it !
Stella @Loveina_Satori
@dodo When I see your videos I'm happy to see that people like this exists. Human race is not that bad...
Vermillion @Nagatos
@dodo No Hate but sometimes i wonder, whos running around with scissors in the wood? Hmm. As nice as most of the videos are, sometimes i do wonder what is real and what is staged, i could be wrong but i just wanted to say it. If its not fake, then ofc really neat of them to help!
Tara 🌻🇬🇧🐝 @tara_lesant
@Nagatos @dodo There must have been a woman with them, they always have everything in their bag.
Bill Bergen @BasesAreEmpty
@dodo This guy is in the top 1% of humanity.
Sgts Penny & Gingie🌈💔Bella, Bilz & Wee Jock🌈❤️ @Free2BeeMee
@dodo I'd be too scared to handle a snake and hold it like that but I would put it in a box and take it to a reptile vet so they could help it...
Susu & Carter @SusanCo27822
@tara_lesant @Nagatos @dodo So true!! I have “everything” in my bag. It has been called fondly the “bag of happy” by my nephews since they were tiny tots 😁
orn normn @Finnish_Blue
@Free2BeeMee @dodo If it was non venomous I'd try to do it myself but if it was venomous I'd take it to a vet.
Tara 🌻🇬🇧🐝 @tara_lesant
@SusanCo27822 @Nagatos @dodo I haven't seen the bottom of my handbag for years ! All sorts of goodies in there !


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