Two explosions in Derry, Northern Ireland (bombs)

... And people want to discuss the good old "Derry/Londonderry" question. I don't get this. Anyway here's an archive of tweets.

It's the same old theme since 1916.
In your head, in your head they're still fighting.

Last week's "mystery bang" and so on ...
John Mooney @JohnMooneyST

PSNI in Foyle are currently investigating reports of a loud explosion believed to be at the Waterside area. #psni #derry

11/01/2012 00:41:25 WIB
John Mooney @JohnMooneyST

#Psni still trying to locate source of 'explosion' in #Derry. Fearful they are being lured into trap

11/01/2012 01:33:42 WIB
John Mooney @JohnMooneyST

#Psni sources say explosion sound might have travelled as air is still. Sound might have been caused by hand thrown device #Derry

11/01/2012 01:48:22 WIB
The Irish News @irish_news

In today's Irish News: Derry's hopes of being first northern venue for All-Ireland Fleadh Ceoil next year have taken a major step forward

19/01/2012 16:31:48 WIB

Derry is the European City of Culture for 2013. Oh wait... #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

19/01/2012 18:35:54 WIB @NewswireDerry

Magee researchers shed a new virtual light on the Troubles...

20/01/2012 02:18:54 WIB
Then another bunch of "explosion reports" starts to come in today ...
Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist

reports of a bomb scare at Foyleside Shopping Centre, Derry. More to follow. #countyderry

20/01/2012 03:16:37 WIB
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

Foyle Street, Derry, is closed following discovery of suspicious object near Tourist Centre. Homes and businesses evacuated.

20/01/2012 03:20:13 WIB
Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist

Foyle Street, Derry, is closed following discovery of suspicious object near Tourist Centre. Homes and businesses evacuated.

20/01/2012 03:21:36 WIB
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI

Police in Derry are advising public to avoid Foyle Street and surrounding areas due to ongoing security alert. Details on PSNI Newsline.

20/01/2012 03:21:43 WIB

Just been evacuated. Suspicious device on the road. Fuuuuck.

20/01/2012 03:24:43 WIB @NewswireDerry

Major evacuation in city centre as device discovered at Tourist Office...

20/01/2012 03:29:26 WIB
Simon Fallaha @simonfallaha

Just another evening in #Derry city centre... that is, until a device was discovered, causing the evacuation of #Foyleside. #Troubles

20/01/2012 03:35:07 WIB
Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist

reports of a second bomb scare on Strand road, Derry.

20/01/2012 03:36:06 WIB
Simon Fallaha @simonfallaha

Suspicious object found in the #Derry Tourist Office, apparently... fingers crossed that the incident blows over. #Troubles

20/01/2012 03:37:01 WIB
Simon Fallaha @simonfallaha

And the moment I say that, there's another bomb scare on Strand Road. #Derry #Troubles

20/01/2012 03:37:34 WIB

@CrazyWeeBint Derry, just been moved out of the street.

20/01/2012 03:37:41 WIB
Colum Eastwood @columeastwood

2 coded bomb warnings One at council offices other at tourist office

20/01/2012 03:38:14 WIB @NewswireDerry

Second bomb alert at Derry City Council offices...

20/01/2012 03:38:15 WIB
Simon Fallaha @simonfallaha

To be more precise, the second #bomb scare is at the Council Offices. #Derry #Troubles

20/01/2012 03:39:35 WIB
Simon Fallaha @simonfallaha

Foyle Street, John Street and Bridge Street all closed. Foyleside evacuated. #Derry #Troubles

20/01/2012 03:42:07 WIB
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