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Oz (Mike) @theoztrucker 13/04/2018 23:50:51 WIB
Safety message boys and girls. If its raining turn your lights on. Big trucks like mine have enough blind spots. This is how you look to us when it’s raining. Give yourself a better chance to be seen.
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Phil Scott @OneNationPerth 14/04/2018 06:50:46 WIB
@theoztrucker Well said ! Constantly amazed at how motorists disregard this simple measure.Wish police and road safety experts would highlight this more.

Untuk lampu kabut, ingat hanya nyalakan ketika sedang berkabut!

graham cardwell @cardy2508 14/04/2018 14:50:36 WIB
@theoztrucker No lights on in the rain and dark but fog lights on when there’s no fog sat in the middle that’s our motorway system in a nut shell
Kat Evans @KatEvansBCF 14/04/2018 22:51:08 WIB
@theoztrucker But also, don't use your fecking Fog lights, unless its foggy. As they dazzle the heck out of people when used in rain!!
Nigel H @NigelNrh 14/04/2018 17:04:57 WIB
@theoztrucker And when you put your lights on, it's HEADLIGHTS, not side lights.

Berlaku untuk semua mobil, ya~

skippy @AdeTaylor72 14/04/2018 13:47:05 WIB
@theoztrucker Thinking pic is stolen from the USA 🇺🇸
skippy @AdeTaylor72 14/04/2018 13:46:00 WIB
@theoztrucker & using your phone while driving.. tut tut 🙄
artisticaby @artisticabybwoi 15/04/2018 06:48:04 WIB
@theoztrucker but you tweeting while driving though , odd ain’t it ?
Oz (Mike) @theoztrucker 15/04/2018 07:10:06 WIB
@yaboyaby I didn’t take the picture. And I didn’t tweet it while driving. I drive a tanker truck. That’s a van. (But it s a big truck like mine) I’m in Australia mate. That’s a US picture. It’s a safety message. Get it? I’ll take you’re apology’s a given.

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