Michelle Obama Gets Lots of Twitter Love on B-Day

How does one say, “I love thee . . .”? Just let Michelle Obama count the ways. If there’s any doubt that Americans love their First Lady, then just take a look at today’s Twitter roll. Thousands among thousands of tech savvy tweeters grabbed their laptops, BlackBerrys, Iphones, Ipads, and other smartphone and PDA devices to give Mrs. Obama a shout-out and wish her “Happy 48th Birthday.” Read More


Deanna Davis Shoyoye @ShoMommy

Happy Birthday Mrs. Michelle Obama! 10 Things To Know About Our Fantastic First Lady! http://t.co/4b2wjnPY

18/01/2012 05:25:03 WIB
phil_hellmuth @phil_hellmuth

Happy Birthday to my wife! Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali and Michelle Obama!

18/01/2012 05:17:59 WIB
Jazzmin Carr @Jazzmin_Carr

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated First Lady Michelle Obama! Your life is truly one worth celebrating.

18/01/2012 01:35:46 WIB

Today is Michelle Obama's birthday. Shoutout to her!! 🎈🎈🎉🎉🔔🔔🎁🎁

18/01/2012 05:22:53 WIB
Danielle Jennings @daniellej416

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our elegant, intelligent & beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama!!! We LOVE you Lady O!! 4 MORE YEARS!! @MichelleObama

18/01/2012 05:21:12 WIB
LA LA @lala

Happy Birthday to our First Lady Michelle Obama..thank you for being such a postive example for all of us to look up too! You make us proud

18/01/2012 00:41:16 WIB
Queenofbodysculpting @IamWindySmiley

Happy Birthday to our First Lady Michelle Obama.. thank you for being such a postive example for all of us to look up too!

18/01/2012 05:21:22 WIB
Joy105.com @Joy105com

LOVE THIS!!!!! Michelle Obama birthday: 48 memorable moments to celebrate the first lady’s 48th year http://t.co/OtJ0lyKq

18/01/2012 05:16:23 WIB
New York Daily News @NYDailyNews

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama! See photos of the First Lady as a fashion icon: http://t.co/MAJ8HsJW #obama

18/01/2012 04:52:09 WIB
von robins @von718

Happy birthday to Michelle Obama and James Earl Jones and once again to the G.O.A.T. Muhammad Ali !!!

18/01/2012 05:14:25 WIB

!!!@Cherryteee Happy 48th Birthday to our 1st lady Michelle Obama!! She is so radiant, intelligent, & inspiring!

18/01/2012 05:11:53 WIB
donte @SanteHeartsU3

Photo: obamafamily: . Happy Bday to the lovely Michelle Obama!!!!! http://t.co/fngU0YWL

18/01/2012 05:07:55 WIB
BrysonMotivate @BrysonMotivate

Happy Birthday to the King of the Ring & the Queen of the White house. Happy Birthday Michelle Obama & Muhammed Ali.#livingblackhistoryicons

18/01/2012 05:04:18 WIB
Kamau M. Marshall @KamauMandela


18/01/2012 04:54:54 WIB
Eric Gordon @theeEricGordon

YesssLawd! RT @justmeeeKRIS_24: Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama :) strong black intelligent and beautiful lady!

18/01/2012 04:56:32 WIB
Almita @AlmaBabyyy

Woah! Happy Birthday to our First Lady Michelle Obama!!! :)

18/01/2012 07:00:40 WIB
MK. @ilovemellyy

Happy birthday Michelle Obama, Dwayne Wade, Muhamad Ali, Jim Carry, & Al Capone!

18/01/2012 07:00:38 WIB
earl jackson @joonsang86

Happy Birthday, Ms. Michelle Obama! We love you!

18/01/2012 07:00:36 WIB
̑B̑̑ȓ̑ȋ̑ȋ̑ȋ̑ȋ @BriKayOh

happy birthday michelle obama.. i missed her icarly episode ):

18/01/2012 07:00:36 WIB

happy birthday to my main lady..michelle obama lol

18/01/2012 07:00:32 WIB
DaquanFromStateFarm @GrindTymeV

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama, wit yo Thick Ass

18/01/2012 07:01:39 WIB
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newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman 18/01/2012 23:49:43 WIB
They're a day late, but Birthday Tweets are still coming in for First Lady Michelle Obama! See > http://chirpstory.com/li/3888