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Awalnya tau dari Kompas lalu terbawa kepo: Sosok yang mungkin saat ini jumlahnya masih langka, Polisi keturunan Tionghoa

Wah seru! Makin banyak variasi makin seru!
⊕★ティヤス★ ⊕ @ テレワーク LC🦀🐟 @icblues

I'M SORRY I WAS TOO CURIOUS but I read in Kompas about a West Jakarta policeman named Steven Chang and, maybe it's just me, but I thought "a Chinese policeman? Rather rare I think?" so I went to search and.. I'M SUCH A KAYPOH

05/04/2018 19:36:22 WIB
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Putu @ Work @not_the_kue

@icblues what's with the aircon remote placement-- IS THAT A LEGIT CIGAR

05/04/2018 20:11:53 WIB


Vitangel Janinna @Vita_ngel 09/04/2018 10:25:03 WIB
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