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Di balik “urakan & bodohnya” Syahrini, dia berangkatkan korban First Travel ke Arab, simak “debat” berikut lalu kamu berpihak di tim mana?

Pilih tim Syahrini apa anti Syahrini?
Vinsen @vnsn__

Netizen to Syahrini:“Money can’t buy class” Bro, she wears Prada & flies to another country just to get frozen yogurt. Your definition of class is hanging out with 50 friends chipping in for a bottle of cheap vodka so u can pretend to be drunk. Mind the gap. Won’t tell u again.

03/04/2018 17:39:03 WIB
kusumandaru @aan__

@vnsn__ So dude, are you really sayin she has class?

03/04/2018 19:09:26 WIB
Alyyyyy @alyzabachmid

@vnsn__ Her money can get her to better education and manner but she chose not to.

03/04/2018 19:09:17 WIB
kusumandaru @aan__

@vnsn__ This definition of class, is it because the brand someone is wearin? And the amount of cash to get such simple things?

03/04/2018 19:20:06 WIB
AMP @ampOmni

@vnsn__ that's wealth, not class. nouveau riche.

03/04/2018 19:24:59 WIB
Vinsen @vnsn__

@aan__ She made one mistake and people start questioning her moral and integrity. They talk about class as if they possess the same leverage while in the same time, she shows what class is all about.

03/04/2018 19:25:07 WIB
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Vinsen @vnsn__

@arisetyo Read the latest news about her sending First Travel’s victims for Hajj and let me know what you think.

03/04/2018 19:27:20 WIB
AMP @ampOmni

@vnsn__ @aan__ A classy act indeed, but doesn't make *her* classy. One commendable & noble act doesn't make one classy overnight. It is earned after a certain period of time. If she reduces her shenanigans and increases her charity, than I agree, overtime she could become genuinely classy.

03/04/2018 19:32:16 WIB
kusumandaru @aan__

@vnsn__ @arisetyo Class. A person who has such attitude, graceful, mature, mannerism, language, in their everyday life. Great she's sendin people to hajj, ending world hunger and curing cancer. But for me the daily little things is as much important.

03/04/2018 19:43:10 WIB
Vinsen @vnsn__

@aan__ @arisetyo Again, you guys choose to believe what you want to believe and pretend like what she said caused more damage than the real contribution she gave for people in need. All I wanted is retweets but I can do this all day.

03/04/2018 19:48:49 WIB
AMP @ampOmni

@vnsn__ @aan__ Whether she does more good than bad is subjective. But calling her classy is a bit pushing it. And you know it. Hey you know me, debating is in my blood. I can go on if you wanted to.

03/04/2018 19:55:24 WIB
Vinsen @vnsn__

@arisetyo @aan__ Pushing what? You’re the one who decide to count good deeds here. I’m being objective because I read the facts about her instead of joining the reactionary bandwagon. There is no debate here. Only facts.

03/04/2018 20:01:29 WIB
AMP @ampOmni

@vnsn__ @aan__ Bandwagon? Did you see me condemning her? Counting deeds? You proposed that hajj news first. Objective? By only accepting your facts is the only fact that matters? Come on, man.

03/04/2018 20:09:10 WIB
Vinsen @vnsn__

@arisetyo @aan__ I rubbed cold hard fact on your face but it’s still not enough and you demand more from her. You’re impossible to please. Now stop talking and let Aan speak before he gets drunk on cheap vodka.

03/04/2018 20:27:04 WIB
AMP @ampOmni

@vnsn__ @aan__ because I'm only accepting warm things to be rubbed against my face. Okay, I'm gonna stop now. Aan... sikat, An!

03/04/2018 20:29:05 WIB
kusumandaru @aan__

@arisetyo @vnsn__ I already shared my point, class is also about the small daily life things. And what I don't like about this debate, people will know that I watch infotaiment if I show many facts about her. I should just let this pass in the first place *continue sipping cheap vodka*

03/04/2018 20:41:12 WIB
GHEA @gheafanya

@vnsn__ Gua si prefer be friends sama syahrinin drpd sama netizen kismin, kayak netizen twitter

03/04/2018 19:22:49 WIB
Jahat & Riya @dikakush

Oh well, you could find a sugahmama~ thus afford those flashy yet hard to afford for commoners stuff... Then, award yourself with your version of “class” Godspeed m8…

03/04/2018 22:22:09 WIB
W.L @winaloewi

@vnsn__ Lemesin aja shaaayy... yang julid hempaskan... 👌👌👌

03/04/2018 22:44:59 WIB
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