Detik-detik Karyawan Uber Dipaksa Keluar Kantor Dalam Dua Jam Pasca Perusahaannya Resmi "Dicaplok" Grab

Sisi lain dari kabar akuisisi Grab terhadap operasional Uber di Asia Tenggara.
Yoolim Lee @yoolimleenews

Exclusive: #Grab, #Uber said to agree on Southeast Asia deal, which includes all of Uber's ride-hailing operations as well as Uber Eats in the region. via @technology @EricNewcomer @edwininla @Techmeme

25/03/2018 14:12:57 WIB
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Syahrizad @Syhrezd

You all heard that Grab bought over Uber. No biggie to some. It affects the whole office when you received 2hour notice to leave. Yes the whole office evacuated the building. #jobless

26/03/2018 10:38:27 WIB
melissa daniels @zxvtsy

@Syhrezd @rozaaaaaa im so sorry for what happen. this is devastating. hope you will be back in the work force asap!

26/03/2018 15:04:47 WIB
melissa daniels @zxvtsy

@rozaaaaaa @Syhrezd i mean what was the 2 hours notice all about??? suddenly the company collapse and laid them off right there and then?

26/03/2018 14:55:51 WIB
ovoo javer 🇲🇾🌺 @SyafiqWasfi

@Syhrezd Monday blues. When you thought you're going to have another normal day at work. Goodluck for all the people there.

26/03/2018 15:30:18 WIB
Azam @azamhatha

@Syhrezd Aduh semoga diberi pampasan bro. Good luck

26/03/2018 14:59:38 WIB
Miss Pandaz @mairygoldround

@Syhrezd ya ke, i pray for u to have a better job after this

26/03/2018 14:46:30 WIB

Grab telah mengakuisisi operasional Uber di Asia Tenggara.

Grab Malaysia @GrabMY

We’re excited to share that Uber will be joining Grab in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia. We can’t wait to better serve our millions of riders, driver-partners and communities, as one. Find out more about how we're serving you better at…

26/03/2018 11:23:44 WIB
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Jon Russell @jonrussell

Key parts of Uber-Grab: - Grab gets Uber’s ride-sharing app, which will close in 2 weeks, and Uber Eats, which will fold into Grab Food by June - Uber gets a 27.5% stake in Grab - Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi joins Grab’s board

26/03/2018 10:07:50 WIB
Jon Russell @jonrussell

Given the Southeast Asia deal with Grab today and previous consolidation in Russia and China, does Uber try to merge with Ola in India next or continue to battle on?

26/03/2018 10:31:00 WIB
Julie Lim @Julie_Lim

@GrabMY Uber has constantly provided shitty services - navigation system that goes bonkers, drivers who cancel after finding out the destination and who rate their passengers poorly, etc. Now I can finally uninstall Uber from my mobile and free up space for better things.

26/03/2018 12:41:29 WIB


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