🐹curiouscat99🐹Dororo2019💕 @thecuriouscat99
Ok but for real Kindly remove the translation on facebook tyvm pic.twitter.com/0bOE3BmkL8
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Jireh Rodriguez @jirehcrodriguez
me when i speak english in starbucks para sosyal feat. facebook translation pic.twitter.com/Dx2iyvm2xi
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Sarah 💜 @rahrahmaybe
@Korsoto On facebook they offered a translation to your, 'slurp, slurp' caption. It translated to, 'gobble, gobble'. 😂 pic.twitter.com/xec2QpAqnL
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aldrin @aldrin002
When #facebook promotes cannibalism... <read the translation> pic.twitter.com/TyzUFn14zq
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