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Netizen yang usahanya belum berhasil & sedih tapi ga ada teman curhat wajib save ini: Kisah ibu gajah & ibu anjing yang mengobarkan semangat hidup & optimisme

Gajah mengandung anak hanya satu. Itu pun lama.
S’thembiso Gamede @StheeReloaded

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21/03/2018 11:13:23 WIB
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Ano. @cocoamannequin

@StheeReloaded This. ❤️ - last few lines in the 2nd frame.

21/03/2018 11:22:53 WIB
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S’thembiso Gamede @StheeReloaded

Your MCM doesn’t know what is a metaphor, he’s 30

21/03/2018 19:14:36 WIB
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S’thembiso Gamede @StheeReloaded

Whining about animals can’t talk but they watch movies with talking animals

22/03/2018 15:01:11 WIB
Sin D @KeevaSativa

@StheeReloaded @aIexisrosa that's exactly what I needed to read today c:

23/03/2018 00:13:19 WIB
Obianuju @dutchesexy

@StheeReloaded Why do they have to use “dogs” in this illustration.. I don’t like that! The dog should have been the elephant and the elephant, the dog! or better still, use a cat or a rat or something in place of the dog..! #onlyafewpeoplewouldunderstandthis 😏

22/03/2018 21:23:06 WIB


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