Posting Foto Prabowo di Twitter, Penulis Novel 'Ghost Fleet' Peter Warren Singer Angkat Bicara Terkait Pidato Prabowo "Indonesia Bubar 2030" yang Dikutip dari Novelnya

Penulis Ghost Fleet, Peter Warren Singer menanggapi pidato Prabowo Subianto yang menyebut Indonesia bakal bubar di 2030 merujuk pada novel yang ditulis
prabowo Indonesia bubar 20130 Ghost Fleet pidato Peter Warren Singer
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Ketua Partai Gerindra Prabowo Subianto membuat pernyataan menghebohkan. Pernyataan tersebut menyebut Indonesia akan bubar pada 2030.

Rexy Ambarwati @AmbarwatiRexy 22/03/2018 08:05:36 WIB
2030 INDONESIA BUBAR..!!! Ternyata ngutip dari novel fiksi Ghost Fleet..!! Asyuuuukkkkkk...!!!!! Novel fiksi Oom, FIKSIIII...!!!! 😤

Pernyataan tersebut ternyata dikutip dari Novel yang berjudul "Ghost Fleet" karya penulis asal Amerika Peter Warren Singer dan August Cole.

Story National 1204 view Ribut-ribut Pidato Prabowo "Indonesia Bubar 2030" Dikutip dari Novel Fiksi, Isi Novel Gh.. Ketum Gerindra Prabowo Subianto ternyata mengutip novel fiksi saat bicara tentang Indonesia bubar tahun 2030.
IG: ulinyusron @ulinyusron 21/03/2018 13:45:29 WIB
Novel rujukan Pak Prabowo yang mendadak jadi disebut kajian. Sekali lagi ini novel bukan kajian, apalagi analisis data statitistik. 2030 Indonesia bubar itu fiksi.
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Penulis Ghost Fleet, Peter Warren Singer mengunggah cuitan pada akun twitter mereka terkait pidato Prabowo Subianto yang menyebut Indonesia bakal bubar di 2030 merujuk pada novel yang ditulis mereka.

Peter W. Singer @peterwsinger 21/03/2018 20:29:31 WIB
Indonesian opposition leader cites #GhostFleet in fiery campaign speeches… There have been many unexpected twists and turns from this book experience, but this may take the cake...
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Peter W. Singer @peterwsinger 22/03/2018 20:08:58 WIB
My Indonesian language translation software is getting an unexpected workout this week...all parties now weighing in on #ghostfleet and the election…
Evan A. Laksmana @EvanLaksmana 21/03/2018 17:31:23 WIB
🤦🏻‍♂️ x 💯 I don’t know how would @peterwsinger feel about #GhostFleet becoming one of the bases of a presidential campaign material? 🤦🏻‍♂️…
Peter W. Singer @peterwsinger 21/03/2018 20:22:54 WIB
@EvanLaksmana There have been a lot of surprises from this book; this takes the cake...
Evan A. Laksmana @EvanLaksmana 22/03/2018 06:41:29 WIB
@peterwsinger Just as an update. #GhostFleet is now officially a trending political debate in Indonesia with every major political parties and leaders weighing in on whether 🇮🇩 will cease to exist by 2030.
jeffris oktaromi @jeffris_wira 23/03/2018 04:41:13 WIB
@EvanLaksmana @peterwsinger Or maybe political story in Indonesia like story in novel or sci-fi book mas Evan... :D #
Lusi for Spain @LusiHQ 22/03/2018 17:46:51 WIB
@peterwsinger The Study dalam tanda kutip, ingin menegaskan bhw yg dikatakan @prabowo itu ngawur dan diambil dari a sci-FI techno... Garis bawahi FI yg adalah singkatan dari FICTION aka REKAAN. Bayangkan kl dia jadi presiden membuat kebijakan berdasar film Star Wars??? 😂😹😂😹😂😹😂😹
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fajar lukito @udzo 22/03/2018 12:23:26 WIB
@peterwsinger Deeply apologize for this... rest assure that most Indonesian are educated and can distinct between fiction and futuristic novel. 🙏🏼
RizkiDhifanFirasyan @DipanDhifan 22/03/2018 00:36:08 WIB
@peterwsinger @peterwsinger @august_cole sirs, the man is a power hungry ex-general that polarizes Indonesia today with his right wing narrative, often falls into politicizing Islam (majority religion) to further agenda. The instability from his campaign back in 2014 still left rift in (cont)
RizkiDhifanFirasyan @DipanDhifan 22/03/2018 00:58:31 WIB
@peterwsinger @peterwsinger @august_cole please give us a statement of non-involvement, and rebuke his claim that your fictional thriller is a "study" to further his agenda? Without it, his party would continue stir and bend his word as facts, continuing the rift. Thanks for reading!
Keps'ky @keps_ky 22/03/2018 20:46:50 WIB
@peterwsinger It was just a bad luck for you (or it’s a good publicity😅). Even if you were not writing this book,he will find another fiction novel about collapsing Indonesia anyway.😁 I hope this not make you think less about my country Indonesia. We have a great leader, President @jokowi
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