Tweeters Say 'Thumbs Up' for ‘Red Tails’Arrival; 'Thumbs Down' to Hollywood! (Updated w/ photos!!!)

Twitter is abuzz this week with a lot of online chatter in anticipation of this Friday’s premeire of George Lucas’ "Red Tails"--a movie about the courage and heroism of a unit of African American fighter pilots who in the face on their country’s own brand of racism helped to change the outcome of World War II. Read More
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Let's first take a look at the movie trailer...


Of course, there was a lot of unbridled anticipation . . .

Nanita @Nanitabee
"We fight, we fight, we fight, we fight, WE FIGHT!" *tears* So excited for Friday. Even if it was my last $10 I still go see Red Tails(:
Kalifornia Breeze @QueriousBreez
Can't wait to go see "Red Tails"!!! It's going to be good... I can feel it
Jarvis @EducatedMindset
Who wanna go see "Red Tails" with me?


A call for support...

IG: @xotatyana @amourtatyana
Red Tails is a film that is 20 years in the making...please everyone go out and support this film.
So yea. PLEASE go support Red Tails when it comes out. Drag your white friends along too. The more money it makes the better.
S. MeShae' @SdotMeesh
PSA: Everyone please go support George Lucas' Red Tails! Black History on the big screen.
Ultimate Rap League @urltv
Random: URL Family Please Support "Red Tails" it Has such an impact on Future Urban film making/ Business!!! BUY A TICKET!!! No Bootleg


The critics chimed in...

Bill Cosby @BillCosby
Take your family to "Red Tails". See how Americans fought for our country's freedom while protecting each other.
🇭🇹🇯🇲 @_BasedMistress
If they made Red Tails look older, like actually set in its time I'd take it seriously. But it looks all up to date..I can't.
Lord Beardington III @Shenanigan88
Just saw a trailer for the movie "Red Tails". Looks pretty legit.


Maybe ignorant is a better word for these three tweets below ...

Bill So Hard @PimpBillClinton
Is Red Tails fictional? Because the black guy worried about fathers getting back to their children is confusing me.
Gourmet Spud @gourmetspud
"What should we call this movie?" "How about Soul Plane?" "It's taken." "Alright, let's go with Red Tails..."
Eric 🏳️‍🌈 @trem2303
I'm not racist by saying red tails looks fucking stupid, am I?


They must indeed have their say . . .

orlando @peedee71
So proud of my kids that they want to see the movie Red Tails that showcases a major and important part in African American history
Terrall Thurman @Tthurm
I want see Red Tails I love black military history.
Avery @ave10K
@BillCosby absolutely i agree about seeing Red Tails. Folks should embrace this historical moment in past history. Especially w/ kids
James E. Earl II @TheDUKEofEARL3
@EichEyeEich the real question is who knew red tails was about the tuskegee airmen ?
JeanJak D'Ayiti @jeanjak
DYK only living member of Tuskegee Airmen is Haitian-born Raymond Cassagnol? Was 1 of handful of Haitians recruited for prgrm. RED TAILS?!
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newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman 20/01/2012 06:13:26 WIB
Moviegoers step up the hype in anticipation of "Red Tails" opening on Friday! See>
newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman 20/01/2012 06:20:23 WIB
Check out what other tweeps are saying about Red Tails. See
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