Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump
Talking #WorkforceDevelopment and Infrastructure in Iowa today! @realDonaldTrump’s #Infrastructure initiative includes a robust plan to expand skills-focused learning to prepare the next generation of American workers for 21st century job opportunities. pic.twitter.com/10md8d5tnz
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Dikomentarin deh kan jadinya…

Goth Ms. Frizzle @spookperson
your lab coat and your gloves are both the wrong size, your gloves aren't tucked, your hair is loose in an environment with moving machinery and burners and you're holding a pour off at mouth level without any kind of a face shield, nice going science genius pic.twitter.com/PV4W97ejAL
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Goth Ms. Frizzle @spookperson
also bitch why are you pouring off into an eppendorf instead of pipetting you're going to get shit all over your hands
Francis Delaney @DataFran
@spookperson Do they think people who do actual work simply photograph themselves faking it? Do they think work isn’t real? It would explain a lot.
saskiago4 @saskiago4
@DataFran @spookperson Yes. If it was Betty Crocker's birthday, she would put on an apron and mix an empty bowl with a wooden spoon. While puckering her lips.

Jadi meme…

Hank Campbell @HankCampbell
Let's see: When John Kerry dressed up like a scientist, it was framed as Democrats loving science. When Ivanka Trump does it, she is dismissed with sexist "cosplay" terminology. pic.twitter.com/bqFV8WvV9h
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Billy Nomad @RealBillyNomad
Talented scientist #Ivanka Trump makes shocking discovery first day on the job... pic.twitter.com/nxHSqKNVAN
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Criticoymemesfut @Criticoymemesf1
Move Over Stephen Hawking, Ivanka Trump Is The Internet's New Favorite Scientist dlvr.it/QLnJcs pic.twitter.com/ndS05DqQto
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Uncomfortably Plumb @WallofYawn
@jack2spratt @spookperson @franklinleonard We did a pH test and the results just came back, almost all P, no H


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