Wes Bos @wesbos
😮 Did you know Chrome has a FaceDetector API? pic.twitter.com/wSwDdI8p1u
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Wes Bos @wesbos
I figured the tilt of my head using the position of the eyes and Math.atan2(). Look at me now high school teachers - I just calculated the hypotenuse! pic.twitter.com/aNatxKpf8u
Wes Bos @wesbos
Works on video too - maybe I’ll do a youtube tut on how to do this pic.twitter.com/Sks96EjThK
Peter Cruckshank ♥🐶 @PeteCapeCod
@wesbos This is freaking hilarious 😂😂 I mean it's also really cool 😎🔥 But you look so funny with the square head and mustache bar 🤣
Ryan @ohryan
@wesbos ... and this is why i've got tape over my webcam...
Wes Bos @wesbos
@ohryan Well I’m totally gonna make it work with video next :D
Wes Bos @wesbos
@lastzero Haha I tried it with dogs and it doesn’t work :(


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