Drama IG Story Rihanna yang Bikin Snapchat Mendadak Rugi Triliunan Dolar Gara-gara Tampilkan Iklan "Tampar Rihanna"

Rihanna yang sempat jadi korban kekerasan domestik dari Chris Brown kecewa berat dengan iklan Snapchat terbaru yang tuai kontroversi.
Joe Budden @JoeBudden

Rihanna said delete Snapchat so guess what I’m doing!!! #Navy

15/03/2018 22:21:30 WIB
#BLM Fella @DronesFoul

@chRIHssy @my2k Why did Rihanna instruct het followers to do that?

16/03/2018 09:09:21 WIB
jessica a.m. 🍂😌☕☁️ @my2k

@DronesFoul @chRIHssy because snapchat made an extremely distasteful shitty joke about chris brown beating her nearly to death

16/03/2018 09:09:51 WIB
#BLM Fella @DronesFoul

@my2k @chRIHssy 😰 whoa! yeah, then that make sense. Geez...

16/03/2018 09:11:49 WIB
Rihanna Reactions ✨ @RiRiHumor

rihanna really ended snapchat in an IG story. RIP SNAPCHAT. pic.twitter.com/NDx63mh7u4

16/03/2018 03:17:55 WIB
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Kim Bhasin @KimBhasin

Snap is down 4.6% today, the most since Feb 22, the day after Kylie Jenner tweeted that she doesn't use it anymore. Today, Rihanna slammed the company for letting down victims of domestic violence, after Snap approved a terrible ad about her. pic.twitter.com/gpH6HwH3RR

15/03/2018 23:12:42 WIB
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Kareem A. Harper @KareemHarper

@cheekyprick @KimBhasin Still tanking... absolutely amazing. I wish I had realtime data on their install base size, but if social volume is any indication... they lost a significant chunk of the millennial+ demos.

16/03/2018 01:52:06 WIB
Chrissy @chRIHssy

After Rihanna instructed her 60,000,000 Instagram followers to delete Snapchat, the company's shares plunged- causing the it to lose about $600,000,000.00 in market cap in a matter of hours. pic.twitter.com/KewHFSaDDZ

16/03/2018 04:03:00 WIB
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Chrissy @chRIHssy

Y'all know dramatic me couldn't resist putting those extra two "00" behind the 600 million pic.twitter.com/TlTqMyMGhv

16/03/2018 04:06:19 WIB
Chrissy @chRIHssy

The "market cap" is the value of the company's outstanding shares. So a company with 20 million shares selling $200 a share would have a market cap of 2 billion. This means that Rihanna affected well over 34 million of snapchat's outstanding shares.

16/03/2018 04:17:13 WIB
Chrissy @chRIHssy

$600,000,000 divided by an average cost of $17.20 per share = 34.8million shares.

16/03/2018 04:43:42 WIB
Chrissy @chRIHssy

This story has been updated: According to the Telegraph, Snapchat lost around $1B on Thursday after Rihanna posted on Instagram. pic.twitter.com/NotseBEDXc

16/03/2018 09:05:31 WIB
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Chrissy @chRIHssy

Rihanna wines & dines with the most powerful presidents on earth. Even with England's crown prince. She has hundreds of millions of dollars. Why would anyone try her? Her power. She unleashed her wrath like a true Caribbean woman. pic.twitter.com/soMMKcHIe6

16/03/2018 10:42:37 WIB
GoalDigge☈👩‍🏫 💰 @Un_Apologetic

@chRIHssy I am always scared to RT because your stats are very questionable 😂

16/03/2018 04:48:49 WIB
Chrissy @chRIHssy

@Un_Apologetic 😭I'm not the source this time, thankfully. Time.com confirmed stocks dropped as low as 5%. You can do the math from that alone. The $600m was actually calculated by CNBC pic.twitter.com/oGi9mPZNhn

16/03/2018 04:54:32 WIB
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Pasca IG Story Rihanna menjadi viral, Snapchat mengeluarkan permintaan maaf.

The FADER @thefader

Snapchat issues apology over Rihanna advert making light of domestic abuse. thefader.com/2018/03/14/sna… pic.twitter.com/J3z8BPVNao

14/03/2018 19:43:31 WIB
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Patricia @itshellapetty

@thefader This makes no sense. It went through the review process and it was admitted so they knew about it from the beginning. If this is the case, then why did Snap claim they pulled it once they "became aware of it"? They were always aware of it, from the very beginning.

14/03/2018 19:56:54 WIB
BABY PAIN @Domyenn

Rihanna canceled snapchat. I am sure gonna miss using those filters.

16/03/2018 09:13:56 WIB
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