ty @gloomytype
Ok I am sitting in my car right in front of my house in my car and this guy started taking pictures of my house? With flash???? Then he walked away? Literally what the fuck it’s 3am I am going to die tonight
ty @gloomytype
i really need yall to listen to this voicemail i just got...i am deactivating my cell phone service pic.twitter.com/G9MSwPTaM9
ty @gloomytype
I dont know why I was just sent military code, the fuck do I look like Liam Neeson??
tye @tyelashe
@strayedaway It’s police code. It says ‘Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate. Be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS’ :)
ty @gloomytype
It literally translates to "Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS" and then gives coordinates... i am throwing my phone away
nicole @forevrgrl
@tyelashe @strayedaway i'm dying at the "good luck" omg gave them life ending news then sprinkled it with a friendly "GOOD LUCK"
🌐 @KingOfCheydes
@futyl3ty @strayedaway @mattswaggster RIGHT. Like whoever they're warning about is running through my city right now
lullaby @futyl3ty
@Cheypowellstew @strayedaway @mattswaggster I regret browsing through twitter and 1 in the fucking morning. I need to sleep now but hopefully the government doesn’t kidnap me in my sleep ✌🏽✌🏽
Qurzsmas (HoHo) @SilverQurzs
@strayedaway I’m sleep did u put ur phone in airplane mode cuz u thought u were getting tracked💀 pic.twitter.com/xK6kQktG5m
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pao @dpaoIa
@mattswaggster Is it like clicking ? Words? Omg I’m too chicken shit to hear it
pao @dpaoIa
@mattswaggster Oh hell no. I’m saving myself. Thank you. Think happy thoughts.
Dapper Dan @Danbr013
@futyl3ty @uhcierra_ @strayedaway @mattswaggster This is that person of interest stuff man.. you need to get rid of that phone 😅
ty @gloomytype
@RhyQurzs LMAO I actually put it in that so it would stop my notifications from popping up while I was recording that but I also was lowkey shook
The Doctor 🔟 @TenSinkingSuns
@forevrgrl @tyelashe @strayedaway lmao I love how everyone just assumes it's about one person, my first thought it's a warning for humanity which ended up on a random phone
Diego Orozco ☯️☮️ @LouSydDreams
@xMasterWhox @forevrgrl @tyelashe @strayedaway If you got the message then you got it for a reason! It’s for all of us at the end of the day... thanks for sharing with us!
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