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Netizen Pro-MCA Bantah Tulisan Media Inggris yang Cap Muslim Cyber Army Sebagai 'Operasi Berita Palsu'

Netizen pro-MCA mencap tulisan di The Guardian 'dangkal' dan 'satu arah'.
Kate Lamb @_KateLamb

The Muslim Cyber Army and its pernicious effect on Indonesia, which I have been analysing for months: #MuslimCyberArmy…

13/03/2018 12:00:34 WIB

Police in Indonesia believe they have uncovered a clandestine fake news operation designed to corrupt the political process and destabilise the government.

In a string of arrests across the archipelago in recent weeks, authorities have revealed the inner workings of a self-proclaimed cyber-jihadist network known as the Muslim Cyber Army (MCA).

The network is accused of spreading fake news and hate speech to inflame religious and ethnic schisms; fan paranoia around gay men and lesbians, alleged communists and Chinese people; and spread defamatory content to undermine the president.

URL the Guardian Muslim Cyber Army: a 'fake news' operation designed to derail Indonesia's leader Police make arrests as Guardian investigation reveals fake Twitter accounts and violent propaganda 5004
David Madden @DavidMaddenMelb

@Katieolamb I'd love to get this translated for friends in #Indonesia who seem to believe everything online!

13/03/2018 14:00:57 WIB
Aya @ayaoktaviani

@Katieolamb Great article. Maybe this article need to be translated into Indonesian for a wider audience? Thanks @Katieolamb

14/03/2018 05:54:58 WIB
🍄 @opu240

@Katieolamb It a shame for such a big news agency as theguardian to have shallow minded reporter like her, the report so bias and tend to discredit real MCA without proof. You need to try to understand "cover both side of story"

14/03/2018 05:21:47 WIB
// Jax @JackVardan

Hi @Katieolamb why do you use the word "muslim"? The Indonesian Deputy Police has said no mention of Muslims in cyber criminals. Have you searched properly that the perpetrators are real cyber army Muslims? it is precisely the presence of cyber-army Muslims fighting the hoaxes…

14/03/2018 00:13:41 WIB
// Jax @JackVardan

@Katieolamb Cyber ​​Muslims have no leaders, move on the conscience, when Islam is a victim of bad framing, clerics are harassed, even religiously abused. anonymous principles, against injustice, no leaders, no voice of humanity, not criminal syndicates.

14/03/2018 00:25:05 WIB
// Jax @JackVardan

@Katieolamb mentioned the name @savicali in ur article, but u are not looking for any other source of this problem. In the event on TV also discussed by @netizentofa who said that it isn't real Muslim cyber. How do u write from one source without another source of research?

14/03/2018 00:33:30 WIB
// Jax @JackVardan

@guardian - @Katieolamb please lessons from the articles discussed by @washingtonpost. Even police officials in Indonesia said that it is forbidden to mention "Muslim" in the case. So they are "fake cyber muslim".…

14/03/2018 00:52:32 WIB
// Jax @JackVardan

If @Katieolamb and @savicali want to know the name of cyber muslim please read thread. The real MCA ever worldwide, not only in Indonesia. If anyone claimed the leadership of MCA, Liar. Learn again the principle of anon group, MCA is anonmuslim.…

14/03/2018 01:03:30 WIB
Kifli... @kifli127

@Katieolamb Analisa kamu salah @Katieolamb #MuslimCyberArmy tidak menyukai dan menyebarkan hoax yang bisa merusak indonesia, #MuslimCyberArmy terlahir karena semangat masyarakat indonesia melawan gubernur yang telah menyakiti umat Islam dengan penistaan agama yang terbukti dipengadilan

14/03/2018 01:05:59 WIB
Ryo Adhi @ryoadhi_

@AgustusApril127 @Katieolamb Jika PK dikabulkan & dimenangkan, berarti label penista agama gugur demi hukum.. Berani pula menghadapi di pengadilan.. Gk seperti yg kabur ke luar negeri..

14/03/2018 06:36:19 WIB
Story Netizen Bosan ke Ubun-ubun Twitter Ngomong MCA Mulu? Nih Info MCA yg Gokil Ngocok Perut,.. Kabarnya, 100 tahun yang lalu MCA telah berdiri 2225 pv


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