Ngeri, Penampakan Surat Misterius "Hari Menghukum Muslim" yang Dikabarkan Beredar di Rumah-rumah Warga London, Baca Isinya Bikin Hati Meringis

"250 poin untuk menyiksa seorang muslim dengan menyetrumnya."
Rowaida Abdelaziz @Rowaida_Abdel

“Punish A Muslim Day” letters are being sent to families in East London. The letter details a point system for each action & a reward. For example pulling a Muslim women’s hijab is 25 points, throwing acid is 50 points and burning or bombing a mosque is a whole 1,000 points.

10/03/2018 00:21:00 WIB
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Nick @Nclarke30

@Rowaida_Abdel Has this been reported to the police ?

10/03/2018 06:14:04 WIB
Rowaida Abdelaziz @Rowaida_Abdel

Police are working with @TellMamaUK to investigate. The organization believes this is a part of a larger campaign of hate against the Muslim community. Islamophobia is already at high and worrisome levels in the UK.…

10/03/2018 01:07:24 WIB
Jess81 @dagenjess

@rabiasquared As a Christian woman I don't understand this @rabiasquared we are more alike then different. This isn't religious motivation it's just plain evil.

10/03/2018 20:49:47 WIB
Ben Adlin @badlin

@Rowaida_Abdel "do not be a sheep!" but please do blindly follow these instructions for reasons so oversimple they can fit in a single (badly written) paragraph!

10/03/2018 07:15:35 WIB
Fatimah Mohamied @GeekFatimah

@Rowaida_Abdel @thesailorsgirl If I wasn't so appalled I'd find it quite funny. It sounds like they're advertising for a clubcard

10/03/2018 07:08:38 WIB
Urban Angel 💫✨ @UrbanAngel2020

@Rowaida_Abdel @aamnathegoat This is utterly shameful . This is the first I’ve seen of this happening . Every Muslim I’ve ever met is peaceful , caring and help the community .

10/03/2018 00:48:38 WIB
MCFCFlames @Lucioronio

@Rowaida_Abdel *facepalm* Fighting extremism with extremism will never work. Will just end up creating more extremism from both sides.

10/03/2018 01:01:09 WIB
big clit energy @K9_H9_

@Lucioronio @Rowaida_Abdel This is not vs extremism - this is against Muslims. The two do not equate each other just as Anders Brevik does not reflect you

10/03/2018 02:36:34 WIB
MCFCFlames @Lucioronio

@K9_H9_ @Rowaida_Abdel What's the source of their uprising? Partially extremism. Unfortunately, these groups believe the average Muslim is an ISIS supporter. Muslims been living in in England for centuries, there's a reason all of the sudden in 2018, all these letters coming out. Some paranoia too

10/03/2018 03:06:12 WIB
The Wave @eoeosba

@Lucioronio @K9_H9_ @Rowaida_Abdel Does ISIS fight against extremism? No. It fights against their "enemy" whom largely are innocent people. That isn't extremism vs extremism, it's just terrorism. Same as this. This is bareface terrorism. No other word for it.

10/03/2018 03:28:59 WIB
big clit energy @K9_H9_

@erdendawg @Lucioronio @Rowaida_Abdel My point being this is not against terrorism - this is against the average Muslim. The average Muslim is against terrorism

10/03/2018 03:34:43 WIB
MCFCFlames @Lucioronio

@K9_H9_ @erdendawg @Rowaida_Abdel That's how normal people see it. But I'm telling you these right wingers who sent these letters actually believe that the average Muslim wants to kill them or wants to force them to convert or wants to kill them. This paranoia was mainly caused by ISIS. Similar groups are growing

10/03/2018 04:46:58 WIB


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