Fix, Superhero Bukan Cuma di Film, Rekaman Pertempuran Avengers yg Terjadi di Jalanan Bak Film Hollywood Ini Buat Panik Warga

Siapa yang menang? Tetap warga yang jadi korban kepanikan pertempuran para jagoan
baí @tightyspidey

marvel stans: i wish superheroes were real :( like imagine how cool it’d be if we saw the avengers fighting aliens in the streets! marvel stans when it actually happens:

08/03/2018 07:41:10 WIB
bird @TheRealBirddy

@tightyspidey Bitch... but who was the bitch screaming and recording everyone running like she was the director. Sisjxlcpcndjssnsoslsnsnsksmsns

09/03/2018 22:34:21 WIB


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