Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian
It's Armenian Christmas Eve tonight! Merry Christmas!
NightStand Reads @nightstandreads
Happy Armenian Christmas Eve! Ok...your turn to make up a holiday.
Mel Tab @meltab
Merry Armenian Christmas Eve! Ate some deeeeeelicious Armenian food today!
Lauren @Lauren_Kill
Armenian Christmas Eve is trending on twitter. I'd think this was pretty neat if it wasn't because of the Kardashians.
Kristina @KrisTEA_na
It is not only the Armenian Christmas Eve, but also Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christmas Eve. Just throwing that out there :)
Liuba ₪ ø lll ·o. @Livie122
Armenian Christmas Eve ... Great... But it's a Russian Christmas Eve too!!! Will anyone wish a me a Happy Russian Christmas Eve??
Armenian Christmas eve..shout out to all pentecost's or eastern orthodox churches celebrating tonight
Dan Ensey @itsprnouncedNC
Happy Armenian Christmas Eve and I hope you get recognition for the holocaust the Turks put upon you. But today is a day to be happy
Rina Onur @rinaonur
us armenians are a weird bunch; happy armenian christmas eve everyone.. won't say no to celebrating 2 xmases thanks to overzealous parents
Ash @thisizAsh
It's not just Armenian Christmas Eve. It's traditional Christmas Eve. Assyrians celebrate it, too.
My favorite movie to watch on Armenian Christmas Eve is 'It's a Wonderful Armenian Life'. #ArmenianChristmasMovies
Brittany Anderson @Brittany__666
Wait, hold the phone. Why is Armenian Christmas Eve trending? Is this for real? Like a real holiday? HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS.
IT'S A @SteveHealyyy
Armenian Christmas Eve? Are different cultures making up different Christmas days? I'd love to take this up with Jesus
Natasha @15Natash
Armenian Christmas Eve tonight? well then...Merry Christmas!!
Chris Garsevanian @garsevanian
Many eastern Christians, including the Armenian church, celebrate the original date as both the birth and baptism (Armenian Christmas Eve)
Woooooow! Do ya'll see what it says for Armenian Christmas Eve????? Lmao! Ahahaha woooow!!!!! http://plixi.com/p/68171168
►◄▲▼ ►◄▲▼►◄ @BreathingPsyAir
Happy Armenian Christmas Eve ← curious; how does that work exactly? I'm assuming they're in 2011 with the rest of the world.
Mystic Mama @jessicaabenita
Armenian christmas eve ? Are you #serious ? lol , okayyy , who made this one up ? Huh ? #GTFOH
Merry Armenian Christmas Eve. Yeeeah bitches, you wish you was as cool as me, being all Armenian and shit~


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