Menantang Orang2 yg Merasa Nalarnya Bagus, Coba Jawab ini: Jika Racun Kadaluarsa, Apakah Dia Akan Tambah Beracun Atau Daya Racunnya Malah Berkurang?

Ngerti nggak kau son?
Cᴾⁱˢᵗᵒˡ @ChauncySmartt

If poison expires, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?…

04/03/2018 10:12:38 WIB
Xavier 💱🥶 @901xavier

@ChauncySmartt definitely less poisonous, because if poison got more poisonous, it wouldn't be expired

04/03/2018 14:44:13 WIB
Espen @Obeytheboii_11

@ChauncySmartt Does poison even expire? And also why would it be classified as expired if got more poisonness.

04/03/2018 15:23:48 WIB
Nzuzo_Leon @checkmate_mc

@ChauncySmartt @blessing_sadiki Im gona take a wild guess and say it stops being poisonous but also doesn't become edible as well

04/03/2018 18:43:45 WIB
Kiki @KianaSalina

@ChauncySmartt It becomes less poisonous meaning you would need a higher dosage to get the same/similar effect as it would’ve been before it had expired. It also depends on the type of poison.

04/03/2018 22:16:55 WIB
Drag ✨🍁 @3rdSquadCaptain

@ChauncySmartt @GlintofSilver People really gotta ruin the fun by answering this seriously smh

04/03/2018 23:55:10 WIB
Jeng jeeenggg ini jawabannya, sudah ada presedennya
bea @untmuffin

@ChauncySmartt Less poisonous! An example in history is Gavrilo Princip, infamous for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. In order to escape capture Princip swallowed cyanide but it had expired, so he ended up throwing it back up before being arrested.

04/03/2018 23:07:26 WIB
bea @untmuffin

@ScienceKid_Sid @ChauncySmartt LMFAO the only time high school history has helped me out in the adult world 😂

05/03/2018 00:04:00 WIB
Sad Dad ⓥ @Mofaye_

@BaldwinDaffney @ChauncySmartt @kammy_g It degrades over time and becomes less poisonous. Like uranium and how it decays

05/03/2018 00:26:32 WIB
K @Blakk_Poett

@ChauncySmartt @Geezus18 Ion know what happens to alcohol when it ages?

05/03/2018 01:51:16 WIB
🤍 @rosecupnarry

@ChauncySmartt @softiewolfhard It’s no longer poisonous it just makes you sick

05/03/2018 03:10:45 WIB

@ChauncySmartt It’ll probably take a longer time for It to kick in like some sort of delay

04/03/2018 10:19:56 WIB
Tyler Pullen @tpullen17

@52BLESSINGS_ @ChauncySmartt Shit ever seen wolf of Wall Street with them pills?😂 that delay.

05/03/2018 04:44:09 WIB
Black lives matter @cogi53

@moonmaeri @ChauncySmartt In a real poison, it probably won’t expire - most of that stuff is deadly in small doses or in uncontrolled intake, otherwise it’d be used more often in treatments.

05/03/2018 08:42:29 WIB
Aphrodite @tastefullysaucy

@ChauncySmartt Less toxic. When the black head gang(some people from WW1) tried to commit suicide,they drank old cyanide but it just made them vomit.

05/03/2018 10:52:14 WIB
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please, care more about others @dgafbuck

@ChauncySmartt it becomes no longer poisonous cause for something to expire, it has to be unusable for what it was made for. so if it "expires" the poisons no longer good

05/03/2018 12:01:26 WIB
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