ITElab Twitter Chat 8 March 2018

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Mrs Middleton @jayestar80
Missed the live #ITElab_eu chat due to work commitments (managed to pop in just at the end though). I've really enjoyed reading the responses to the questions - looks like there was some lively debate!
Fulgencio Crespo @CrespoFulgencio
@abfromz @CiarraiKM @marias301 It's the way a teacher communicates. The words he uses, how he or she speaks, the eyes, the passion (even if it is forced)... You make a link with a group... or not. #ITELab_eu
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
Thank you! It was a huge pleasure to have you here with us tonight, Delphine #ITELab_eu…
Delphine Normand @DelphiNor_
@abfromz Great Work as always!!!!😍💪👌👏👏🏆 I DO Keep Learning: Thanks to YOU both @abfromz @BartVerswijvel Need time now, to Read more Tweets from all #ITElab_eu
erica @erica19961954
@abfromz #ITElab_eu It should focus on revising the setting, the tools and the metods to manage to valorize the tecnologies!
Chiara @Chiara15293345
Of course the main change in the education will be the use of tecnologies and no more paper and pen anymore one day probably #ITElab_eu @abfromz
Antojilla Verde @AntonillaVerde
@abfromz #ITElab_eu The main changes of teaching are: open classrooms, using of tecnology as a tool to personalise the educative activities!
Andreia Santiago @Andie7Phillipa
@CrespoFulgencio @abfromz True... I think that the major difficulty is to compete with tecnology! Trying to find interesting activities without using them! That´s a challenge... #ITElab_eu #ESESET
Arjana Blazic @abfromz
Thanks a lot, it was a huge pleasure to host this chat and have you there #ITELab_eu…
Natasa Ljubic Klemse @NatasaLJK
@abfromz Thank you dear @abfromz and @BartVerswijvel Your questions were/are powerful. with lot of inspiring and supporting answers #ITElab_eu
Chiara @Chiara15293345
I think that what is missing in the way student teachers are trained is support and knowledge for children with problems and inclusion!I think is very important! #ITElab_eu @abfromz
Chiara @Chiara15293345
My message is:to valorize more the job of the teachers!#ITElab_eu @abfromz
Delphine Normand @DelphiNor_
#ITElab_eu A4: to Minister of Education, please Take into Consideration that EDUCATION is a Basic and Vital Pillar of a Nation and its very Own FUTURE. Does Educational System in the 21st Century can keep up with the fast-paced generation?
Sara @saraplib
Thank you all for this Twitter chat #ITElab_eu
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