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RIP NME in print

The British music weekly finally calls it a day.
George Eaton @georgeeaton

This is very sad. NME not the intellectual force it once was but still a historic loss: published since 1952 and the first title to include a singles chart.…

07/03/2018 19:12:01 WIB
james @jamesjammcmahon

NME closing the print edition. That absolutely breaks my heart. Working there was all I ever dreamed of as a kid. Working there was (at times, literally) a riot. Picking up a copy when I was thirteen changed my life like Nirvana changed my life or fanzines did. I’m heartbroken

07/03/2018 19:13:11 WIB
Peter Robinson @Popjustice

(My own thoughts are that NME was really good LONG after people said it wasn’t as good as it used to be, and I learned a lot working there, and at the end of the day fair play for trying the free thing instead of just shutting it three years ago.)

07/03/2018 19:16:54 WIB
james @jamesjammcmahon

Honestly, I’m going to bang on about NME all day now, so if that’s not your vibe, feel free to unfollow. I’d like to wish the very best to the staff who work on the print edition, and hope they’ll be looked after/given new jobs

07/03/2018 19:21:05 WIB
John Plunkett @johnplunkett149

How NME publisher announced closure of print edition #NME

07/03/2018 19:23:54 WIB
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Music Week @MusicWeek

NME to cease free weekly print magazine publication, expands digital-first strategy…

07/03/2018 19:24:30 WIB
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Stevie Nicknacks @distantgeese

My favourite issue of NME as a kid. I'd religiously buy it even on weeks when it was wall-to-wall 4,000-word pieces on grunge C-listers, but I was beyond gleeful when they devoted an issue to *my* main fave best music. RIP NME

07/03/2018 19:34:12 WIB
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Aidan Radnedge @aidanrad

Ah, RIP NME - almost 20 years to the week since this edition...

07/03/2018 19:34:56 WIB
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Damien Johnstone @damienyeah

Well all the old farts crowing that it was 'circling the drain' as far back as 2001 can finally get their chance to say 'Told you so'. Should make them happy at least. I can still remember when it was a lifeline. RIP. #nme

07/03/2018 19:39:16 WIB
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Track By Track @trackbytrackuk

RIP NME. Sure, it's staying online, but anyone looking for somewhere else for their daily dose of new music, legends, entertainment, culture, etc. etc. should really make the #MoveToTrash ➡️

07/03/2018 19:49:51 WIB
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The Gold Needles @thegoldneedles

End of an era and all that - RIP NME: 'Music magazine NME will mark the end of an era as it stops printing and focuses on its online edition.’

07/03/2018 19:50:48 WIB
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Financial Times @FT

Storied music magazine NME to halt print edition

07/03/2018 19:54:44 WIB
Caitlin Moran @caitlinmoran

So sad the print edition of the NME has closed. The music press was the best way into the media for working-class writers - you got paid to write about what you loved! So hard to learn your craft and earn a living now it's all down to blogging.

07/03/2018 19:55:34 WIB
alex @_alexstephen

although my taste in music left A LOT to be desired, there’s still no feeling like having your teenage bedroom plastered in print. RIP NME. X

07/03/2018 19:57:58 WIB
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Libertines @libertines

Very sorry to hear about the @NME issuing its last print edition. Love to all the writers there who’ve helped us over the years, and to all of you that picked up a copy. Blessed to have had you in our corner.

07/03/2018 19:58:58 WIB
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nathan bevan @nathbevan

RIP NME. Been bollo for years. But, back in the day, a huge part of my teenage life. Had loads of copies in the garage, but the mice ate 'em

07/03/2018 20:02:53 WIB
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Follow - @SamMichaelol @SamMichaelCom

RIP NME. Got exactly what they deserved. Not the hard-working journalists, the guys at the top who were miles out of touch with NEW music, insisting on articles about Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora. A death long overdue. Shame.

07/03/2018 20:04:05 WIB
Thomas @notmyconcern

The NME lost credibility a long long time ago, and it was no surprise that they couldn’t even give it away free. It became less about music and journalism many moons ago. RIP NME? Good riddance, more like

07/03/2018 20:04:45 WIB
Chris Deerin @chrisdeerin

Farewell NME. Will never forget jacking up in the office with Nick Kent as Julie Burchill and Greil Marcus baked acid cookies for Jann Wenner while Everett True wrote the words for Smells Like Teen Spirit then faxed them to Kurt just as Lester Bangs arrived with a massive bag of

07/03/2018 20:06:22 WIB
Slaves @Slaves

RIP @NME I still remember the feeling of our band first being mentioned in your hallowed pages. (And have a copy of every time we’ve been in it) Blessed to have been part of that historic magazine. 😢

07/03/2018 20:08:51 WIB
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