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#edchatie 250

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week the topic was "Is the PME doing enough to prioritise subject knowledge?” The online discussion took place took place Mon 26th Jan 2018.
Irish Education News @IrishEducation

Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.

27/02/2018 02:30:25 WIB
fboss @fboss

Flex your typing fingers because in 5 minutes time on tonight's #edchatie we'll be discussing "Is the PME doing enough to prioritise subject knowledge?" See you online shortly.

27/02/2018 03:25:00 WIB
fboss @fboss

Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion. As usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself first and then we'll get down to discussing "Is the PME doing enough to prioritise subject knowledge?"

27/02/2018 03:30:01 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

#Students, nowadays, are generally considered to be #digital #natives; able to use technology effectively and easily. However, it is equally important to teach your #students how to become #digital #citizens. Use our Digital Literacy series! #EdChatIE

27/02/2018 03:30:01 WIB
Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL

#edchatie Laurence Cuffe KWETB Maths teacher/Tutor

27/02/2018 03:32:34 WIB
Shane Bergin @shanedbergin

#edchatie Shane Bergin. Science education lecturer at UCD

27/02/2018 03:34:05 WIB
fboss @fboss

Fred Boss, 2nd level art teacher currently with @NCCAie #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:34:11 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

Need a reliable and #safe website to use with your #students? Check out our top 13 teacher-recommended websites for #primary level. Stay out of storm #beastfromtheeast and go #online instead! #EdChatIE

27/02/2018 03:35:00 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

Are you a tech-savvy #teacher? Here's how to set and collect homework online: #edchatIE. It may come in useful during #beastfromtheeast

27/02/2018 03:35:00 WIB
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Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL

@Webwise_Ireland I'll be honest with you, I'm trying to follow an online discusion and you are off topic relevant and frankly rude. If I cant trust you to be a good digital citizen, why would I trust you on anything else? #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:37:59 WIB
fboss @fboss

OK - so what's your take on "Is the PME doing enough to prioritise subject knowledge?" Are we talking about "subject knowledge" as important or the skills to using it? #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:40:27 WIB
Pam @pamelaaobrien

Pam Maths and Computer Science lecturer in Tipperary. Not sure I can contribute much to tonight's #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:40:58 WIB
fboss @fboss

Remember to tweet with the #edchatie hashtag in all your tweets for the next hour so they can be collated into the transcript after tonight's discussion

27/02/2018 03:41:13 WIB
Damien Lonergan @languagesdude

Sorry I’m late to the party ! Damien ... MFL teacher in Waterford #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:43:23 WIB
fboss @fboss

@pamelaaobrien I feel the same I did a 4 year Education degree rather than the HDip as it was known, which was one year, now replaced with the 2 year PME #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:44:42 WIB
E Tumelty @Tumedel

Hi all, Edel, post primary history & Rel Ed teacher: working in Drogheda, living in Monaghan-not sure if I've much to contribute to this, but I'm here #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:45:31 WIB
Pam @pamelaaobrien

@fboss I have no educational qualification so really feel exposed on this topic :( #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:45:42 WIB
Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL

#edchatie I don't know what the PME's are doing. I know I have encountered teachers who have completed a Maths conversion course, which was all about maths, and seemed to have no content on maths teaching knowledge.

27/02/2018 03:45:44 WIB
Shane Bergin @shanedbergin

@fboss @pamelaaobrien My science students (PME and concurrent) use a model of ‘science teacher professional education around productive habit development’. This considers meta, procedural and content knowledge #edchatie…

27/02/2018 03:49:36 WIB
Laurence Cuffe @CuffeL

@Tumedel @fboss @pamelaaobrien I did a Masters in Applied ELearning, but again, thats by no means a mainstream teaching qualification. #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:51:10 WIB
John Heffernan @johnmayo

What do we mean when we say subject knowledge? Is it subject methodology or content #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:51:41 WIB
fboss @fboss

After you have your PME, there's the @niptireland… to support your starting year in a school #edchatie

27/02/2018 03:51:46 WIB
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