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Northern Ireland: Flag protests (Monday 10 December 2012)

Belfast news @Belfast_News

Alliance councillor vows to stay put after attack on home

10/12/2012 16:18:45 WIB
nuzhound @nuzhound

Loyalist demonstrators burn two Irish tricolours at Belfast flag protest :: Irish Voice/IrishCe... #Ireland #Ulster

10/12/2012 16:37:10 WIB
nuzhound @nuzhound

Belfast flag protests - Loyalists march through Londonderry :: BBC: #Ireland #Ulster

10/12/2012 16:37:10 WIB
Derry Journal @derryjournal

Flag protest held on Derry’s Peace Bridge: Around 300 loyalists held a flag protest on Derry’s Peace bridge yesterday.

10/12/2012 16:57:48 WIB
Belfast News Letter @News_Letter

Alex Kane: ‘There are no winners in flag dispute’ - News - Belfast Newsletter

10/12/2012 17:18:34 WIB
Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b

If Alliance were to leave Executive for 'opposition' would it make them a more attractive option for some UUP MLAs and supporters?

10/12/2012 17:24:02 WIB
Keith Belfast @keithbelfast

@alexkane221b We don't have a viable 'opposition' option at Stormont, so they're better suited as part of the process. #equilibrium

10/12/2012 17:25:17 WIB
Belfast News Letter @News_Letter

Robinson in late-night online flags exchange - Headlines - Belfast Newsletter: #unionflag

10/12/2012 17:31:06 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

Debate on flags about to start in the Assembly

10/12/2012 17:32:52 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

NI Assembly Head of Communications Susie/Brown is acting up Head of Outreach & Education. Is there no end to the lady's capacity?

10/12/2012 17:33:05 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

DFM Martin McGuinness says Assembly must bring a much needed sense of reason and calm

10/12/2012 17:34:52 WIB
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

MLAs start their debate on violence related to Union flag dispute - Martin McGuinness moving motion - no sign any amendment

10/12/2012 17:34:52 WIB

RT @markdevenport:MLAs start their debate on violence related to Union flag dispute-Martin McGuinness moving motion-no sign of any amendment

10/12/2012 17:35:48 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

Mr McGuinness says motion is supported by all main parties.

10/12/2012 17:36:01 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

Martin McGuinness expresses thanks to the PSNI for intercepting a dissident attack in Derry on Friday

10/12/2012 17:38:52 WIB
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

DFM claims both UDA and UVF involved in violence - poses serious questions about intentions those who professed support peace process

10/12/2012 17:39:44 WIB

LIVE: NI Assembly debate on recent violence during flag protests

10/12/2012 17:40:11 WIB
BBC Newsline @bbcnewsline

LIVE: NI Assembly debate on recent violence during flag protests

10/12/2012 17:40:12 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

Street violence has been watched by a global audience, Mr McGuinness says. 'Damage to NI's reputation will be hard to repair'

10/12/2012 17:40:54 WIB
Slugger O'Toole @SluggerOToole

Latest: Pizza for Mattie McGrath, pizza for Mattie McGrath...

10/12/2012 17:40:55 WIB
Chris Hagan @hagan_utv

Martin McGuinness on his feet as flags debate opens at Stormont this morning. We must give hope to communities, he says

10/12/2012 17:41:09 WIB
UTV @utv

300 NI asbestos deaths in five years: More than 300 deaths in Northern Ireland have occurred in the last five ye...

10/12/2012 17:42:31 WIB
Chris Hagan @hagan_utv

Martin McGuinness says: We must offer real leaderhip. we must not allow those who want to destroy process to succeed. We are not going back.

10/12/2012 17:42:45 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt says party unreservedly supports the motion

10/12/2012 17:43:13 WIB
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