Brandon Stanton @humansofny
“Several years ago my father used our house for collateral on a business loan. When things fell apart, we lost everything. My dad got depressed and fell sick. My mother was backed into a corner. She had four young children..." pic.twitter.com/76THaE5aoL
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Jenna Blasius @jenbenjen109
@humansofny Moms are just so incredible! We're or own breed of superhero!
Karen @krichau
@humansofny It's what mom's do for their children. I can tell you admire her. Remember that when you raise your own daughters.
mezzala @farandynm
@slickfinger_ @humansofny Lah mukanya mirip, kemejanya juga sama kek punya gue. Gimana dong
Stupe @tristupe
@humansofny Thank you for sharing. I have similar story. Your mum is strong. I hope well for your family and wishes your parent well

Kalo ga punya banyak duit, jangan bikin anak, katanya.

Story (Siapin kacang yang banyak dulu biar enak bacanya) Gagasan "Radikal" Jangan Bikin Anak D.. Diskusinya puanjaaaannngggg tapi jamin deh ada inti-inti pesan yang bagus. 1523 pv


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