Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver
You've never had a salad like this before! It's Jamie's take on a MEGA Indonesian gado-gado salad, as seen on Jamie's Comfort Food on @Channel4. pic.twitter.com/1UUP6by224
#PapiCule @Rockin_Marvin
@jamieoliver @Channel4 Use fried peanuts, not butter and DON'T use blender because it will make the flavor less delicious. Use stone grinder like this. youtube.com/watch?v=-Cf9Xi…
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Ryn @elegylicious
@jamieoliver @Channel4 you must use this to make the sauce. Not with blender, sir :3 It makes the sauce more delicious 😍 pic.twitter.com/jKQ2q5Nz4z
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KING @shafwenas
@jamieoliver @Channel4 Ini loh asli gado gado.. jonnn ora koyo punyamu, ora di ulek misterr misterr yo ora enak 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/5jWSYpaowG
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Deanova S @deanovs
jamie oliver's gado gado looks sooooo good. bumbu kacang diblender bukan alasan tuk mencelanya~
#KelanaRasa @arieparikesit
3. Gado-gado, Indonesian warm veggie salad w peanut dressing, no cilantro yes Kakchef @jamieoliver #KisahRasa #Dunia Artist: Ardyana Putri pic.twitter.com/vLj5AqR2sh
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Aisyah Llewellyn @BRITgrlINDOfood
@arieparikesit @jamieoliver Ini dari mana bang? Is this a book? Love love love these 😍
#KelanaRasa @arieparikesit
1. Roti canai kari, roti canai yg fluffy tp renyah, beraroma khas, hangat-hangat dicocol kari/gula #KisahRasa #Dunia Artist: Ong Siew Guet pic.twitter.com/Y2jRnI1xvO
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#KelanaRasa @arieparikesit
3. Gado-gado, Indonesian warm veggie salad w peanut dressing, no cilantro yes Kakchef @jamieoliver #KisahRasa #Dunia Artist: Ardyana Putri pic.twitter.com/vLj5AqR2sh
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#KelanaRasa @arieparikesit
2. Nam daeng soda/nam daeng soda nom, Sogem ala #Thailand pk Sirup Haley merah, nam daeng=air merah #KisahRasa #Dunia Artist: Huniff Kwan pic.twitter.com/f0gvrq4iat
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Ben @beni3bee
@milapraw @shafwenas @jamieoliver @Channel4 Klo yg dia bikin kuwi karedok, sayurnya mentah. Klo gado2 di kukus/rebus dulu.
uleukulelew @astriule
@jamieoliver @Channel4 Eug tiap hari kerja ngulek gado gado, ga pernah bikin make red cabbage. Inget food cost chep :(((
Yanuarita N S @yanuaritans
Jamie Oliver harus belajar bikin gado-gado ke Bu Djarot ini twitter.com/jamieoliver/st…
Nurza Purwa Abiyoga @nrzxyo
@astriule @jamieoliver @Channel4 and i never, once in my life, liat bude gado-gado ciprat-cipratin fish sauce pas ngulek :(
You @KeropokMihun
@jamieoliver @Channel4 So wrong on so many levels. You better do research first and ask bulek gado-gado itself.
Prawira, Dimas Yuda @prawiradms
@jamieoliver @Channel4 The vegetables should be boiled, blanched or steamed. The version of raw vegetables called “Karedok” not Gado Gado. We usually use shrimp paste instead of fish sauce.
tengotime @YunisTiaRizki
@jamieoliver @Channel4 Mega indonesian gado2? Nek mega yo kowe mesti ngulek ning cobek sing guedhe lohh kangg... ojok nggawe blender. Iki saran lohh yooo, rak reseppp... 😂
shnolsk🇮🇩 @shnolsk
@jamieoliver @Channel4 That's okay everyone. Gado-gado is food that we can modify as what we want. It's not Jamie's fault. Thankyou Jamie for representing gado-gado from Indonesia.😊👍 keep up the good work👍
Asmara Wreksono @miund
Yo @jamieoliver, bro, what kind of Indonesian Gado-Gado uses fish sauce and soya sauce? Ew! Nooo! Been Indonesian since birth and this is NOT Indonesian gado-gado! Come over to Jakarta, I’ll show you the real gado-gado. twitter.com/jamieoliver/st…
Deasy 「(5 & You) x 20」 @imdeasy
@jamieoliver @Channel4 Thank you for bringing this one of Indonesian cuisines up. But, Sir, the one you made wasn’t the authentic one. For the dressing, we don’t use peanut butter instead we use whole peanuts, deep fry it, and pestle it until it’s crashed (not too smooth). We do put in garlic, chilli,
Deasy 「(5 & You) x 20」 @imdeasy
@jamieoliver @Channel4 lime juice, but you missed Terasi (shrimp paste), gula merah (it’s like palm sugar, but has darker shade of reddish-brown), and a little bit of tamarind juice (not the paste). We do not add in oil for the dressing. For the salad, we use Tauge (toge: bean sprouts), spinach,
Deasy 「(5 & You) x 20」 @imdeasy
@jamieoliver @Channel4 cucumber, boiled potatoes, Chinese cabbage, but you missed boiled yardlong beans and boiled chayote. We don’t usually add in beetroot and radish, importantly, no coriander. We do add in boiled eggs, tahu goreng (fried tofu), but you missed fried tempe.
Deasy 「(5 & You) x 20」 @imdeasy
@jamieoliver @Channel4 The way you serve it was right. You put all the ingredients for the salad separately and add the dressing then mixed it all together, poured some crackers on top of it and voila!
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