Kim Brunhuber @kimbrunhuber
North Korean cheering squad is a well polished hype machine, getting a good reception from the crowd at short track speed skating pic.twitter.com/QWfXQsayz3
Anna Fifield @annafifield
At the women’s ice hockey at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, North Koreans cheer: Go for it, go for it, our players, go for it! pic.twitter.com/ELTt4T7VXn
Savannah Marie @CeeSavannah
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics This is probably the most bizarre thing.. they should probably do summer Olympic synchronized swimming. They’d be great.
Tesa @tesawillars
@global912 @carlquintanilla @darrenrovell @NBCOlympics Have you ever seen the videos of North Korean children performing with their guitars? truly creepy
Usuallyrite @usuallyrite
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics Loosely translated, the song says: “We get to eat as long as our team stays at the Olympics. Go, team, Go!”
Epstein Didn't Kill Himself @m5drummer
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics My Korean is a little rusty, but roughly translated, they're saying "we're cheering because if we don't our families will be shot"
Rob Stedman @rwstedman
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics Are the surrounded by any handlers to prevent any defections??
JerseyGirlY'all🌞🌴🇺🇸 @JerseyGirlYall_
@rwstedman @carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics In addition to handlers to make sure the "cheerleaders" don't try to escape, all of their family members are likely being held at gunpoint in NK in the event an escape is attempted.
Tripp Whitbeck @trippwhitbeck
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics .Carl, with respect, you do realize this is like a performing bear (ie, the bear performs because he doesn't want the cattle prod)? It's horrible, terrifying, and sad. #olympics #NorthKorea
JerseyGirlY'all🌞🌴🇺🇸 @JerseyGirlYall_
@carlquintanilla @NBCOlympics Nothing about the oppressive, tortuous, communist regime of North Korea should be celebrated, Carl. Those cheerleaders are only "entertaining" because their LIVES depend on it. It's very sad you don't see that.


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