Momen Epic Netizen Iseng Bikin Heboh Grup Komunitas Bumi Datar di FB Gara-gara Posting Gambar "Laut", Padahal Cuma Screenshot dari Game

Gambar laut, padahal cuma screenshot dari game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).
Champagne Papito @canceric

You guys. My post in this Flat Earth discussion group got approved. I’m crying.

10/02/2018 09:07:58 WIB
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Champagne Papito @canceric

😭😭😭 I really thought posting the full screenshot would do something, but

11/02/2018 08:59:32 WIB
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Arclegger @Arclegger

This guy posted a pic of "the ocean" in a flat earth discussion and they approved it. It's a pic of PUBG 😂😂😂😂 btw, if you believe the earth is flat unfollow me. Go outside and look at a satellite passing by with your own two eyes.…

11/02/2018 09:01:51 WIB
Palestine fan accnt @sarusriu

@canceric My dumbass thought you went on a trip recently to the Middle East

11/02/2018 09:05:20 WIB
henry cavill stan account @DarthLux

@canceric this is at least 700% funnier than anything my friends and i have ever posted in that group

11/02/2018 09:09:28 WIB
haleigh ☼ @haleighanne

@canceric i get worried that my friends can see i'm a part of that group and genuinely think i'm one of them but the "debates" are pure gold

11/02/2018 13:23:09 WIB
Champagne Papito @canceric

@haleighanne SAME. I had to post to let everyone know I did NOT believe in flat Earth haha

11/02/2018 13:35:39 WIB
crimebird 🦜 @ ⛰️🌲🌌 @plotchickens

@canceric i really really want to know where they think the edges are. which countries are on the edges? what does it look like?

11/02/2018 06:48:26 WIB
Champagne Papito @canceric

@buckysnowangel Join the group. They believe an ice wall surrounds the edge and the government guards it.

11/02/2018 08:50:14 WIB
Chase Brunnemann @Chase_Brunn

@canceric Haha if only the “flat earth” believers watched the latest spaceX launch by @elonmusk ... you’d clearly see the curvature of the Earth... 🤦‍♂️

11/02/2018 03:33:38 WIB
Champagne Papito @canceric

@Chase_Brunn @elonmusk Oh bro, they did. The live feed was posted on the page and they tore it the fuck up with “green-screen” comments lmao

11/02/2018 03:35:44 WIB
Minecraftian Pacifist @rmchairtraveler

@Chase_Brunn @canceric @elonmusk There is no proof they'll accept. The concept of proof is itself a conspiracy. :P

11/02/2018 05:55:08 WIB
Cx @DreamDarkerx

@rmchairtraveler @Chase_Brunn @canceric @elonmusk To them, any and every company that has EVER put satellites in space is in on a global conspiracy, consisting of government and private companies, to keep the truth from the people that the earth is flat.

11/02/2018 06:34:02 WIB


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