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Momen Epic Layar Megatron di Berjaya Times Square Malaysia Tampilkan Microsoft Paint Pasca Diretas, Meme-meme Isengpun Bertebaran

Netizen ga menyia-nyiakan kesempatan buat iseng.
Izzat @TengkuMuhdIzzat

Berjaya times square hacked screen got into dank memes 😩👌

10/02/2018 10:17:05 WIB
kopi kapai api @paklongkaff

Kuala Lumpur's Berjaya Timesquare massive screen got hacked. Perfect meme platform.

09/02/2018 03:14:33 WIB
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IPBA Conference 2020 @IPBA_Conf

Lots of uproar caused by newly unveiled Visit Malaysia logo (…). What do you think? Share your thoughts and this and many other place branding issues at the IPBA-DBM Conference in Macao which meets December 5-7? More info

31/01/2018 16:46:09 WIB
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dxn @hafifrazi

Logo visit Malaysia 2020 tu macam logo buku mewarna budak2 yang juai kat pasar malam tepi jalan. Even worst. You had 1 job. Please la

31/01/2018 00:40:49 WIB
dean @hasslefrau

Logo visit malaysia 2020 ni, makin tengok, makin banyak flaw yang keluar. Adei macam mana boleh lepas.

31/01/2018 01:07:26 WIB
Dr. Robert Govers #imaginativecommunities @rgovers

@IPBA_Conf The million dollar question is: does anyone outside of Malaysia care at all? Okay, the logo doesn't look very professional, but maybe that's not such a bad thing when you're selling to tourists. Too much fuss about what is just a logo.

01/02/2018 14:35:24 WIB
mardhiahh @mardhiaahhhh

BBC pun cover story pasal logo visit malaysia 2020. Well played, dah jadi self advertising. Yang sedihnya famous for hideous logo.

30/01/2018 23:32:56 WIB

Netizen iseng bikin meme dari foto yang viral ini.

Nix @leggo_nicole


09/02/2018 22:02:21 WIB


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