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#LALTCHAT - 08/02/18 - Archive

Here is the discussion from the 8/2/18
Anthony Manning @UniKentDeanInt

#laltchat @RacePhil I agree! We really need to create assessments which move beyond the immediate, and extremely constrained, Higher Education communication context in order to consider work and career-based constructs.

09/02/2018 03:02:22 WIB

#LALTCHAT an archive of the chat will be released shortly

09/02/2018 03:00:34 WIB

Thank you for joining in with this evenings #LALTCHAT Know someone who would be interested in posing questions for future sessions. Please DM @UoL_LALT Thank you to @DeborahALock and to all of the participants for their contributions

09/02/2018 03:00:02 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@RacePhil I completely agree. What is this obsession with essays all about? How many jobs require this skill on a daily basis? Creative thinking, initiative, communication skills & teamwork are the skills that pave the way for a long and successful career. #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:59:29 WIB
Phil Race @RacePhil

#laltchat We need to lose this misplaced confidence in essays for assessment - masses of data about how unreliable marking is - let alone the serious problem of contract cheating in coursework essays.…

09/02/2018 02:56:30 WIB

@TraceyWhite_wbl @DeborahALock @LezleeJayne @AndyBeggan It might mean a redesign of some modules but if the outcomes mean better results and better student satisfaction it could be worth it. #LALTCHAT Dan

09/02/2018 02:56:28 WIB

@DeborahALock @RacePhil It would be interesting to try and change one module outcome for the next planning cycle to see if the assessment can be changed to a non-written task. #LALTCHAT. It would be intersting to see the effect on the students. Dan

09/02/2018 02:55:07 WIB

@TraceyWhite_wbl @DeborahALock @LezleeJayne @AndyBeggan As someone who has experience with work based distance learners. Do you find that student satisfaction is better with a practical assessment? #LALTCHAT Dan

09/02/2018 02:53:57 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@UoL_LALT @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne Exactly. And employers can see what a grad can do. Showreel, portfolio, blog, website: so many ways to curate a CV based on skills and evidence rather than quals. #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:50:45 WIB

@RacePhil #LALTCHAT So this would save time with marking and would allow students to demonstrate knowledge in a concise way. Would you recommend practical elements to go along with this short assignment to support the outcomes? Dan

09/02/2018 02:50:20 WIB

@GylesLingwood @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne It's nice to see creative skills being used as the final assessment with a small reflection to go with it. This is similar to how we worked in drama. Practical examples supported by written text. #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:48:04 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@UoL_LALT @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne Yes, peer review is a crucial part of learning. It can use all sorts of tech, but it's so effective when students review work-in-progress with each other to identify successes and areas for development. Tutior guidance is critical in the early stages of this activity. #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:47:53 WIB

@RacePhil Welcome Phil #LALTCHAT I'd be interested in asking do you think that written assessments will still be necessary in the 21st century classroom? Dan

09/02/2018 02:46:33 WIB
Phil Race @RacePhil

#LALTCHAT Sorry to join late, but I’d be happier if 21st C assessment did not include essays. Research shows we’re poor at marking them, and sometimes we don’t know who did them! It is, however, possible to provide useful feedback on them.

09/02/2018 02:45:32 WIB

@GylesLingwood @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne #LALTCHAT Agreed. Linking back to the original questions about 21st century assessment. Do you see it moving towards your digital crit room type of experience? Interactive and peer guided? Dan

09/02/2018 02:44:08 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@DeborahALock @UoL_LALT @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne Exactly. We do that on the Creative Advertising programme all the time. Example: "You have worked on 20 projects over the term, so please submit the best 10 that show your achievement of the learning outcomes. Plus a 1000 word essay for rationale and reflection". #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:43:52 WIB

@MarioZambas @GylesLingwood @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne Do you think that this type of student mentor role is something that can be extrapolated for a wider audience? Dan #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:41:54 WIB

@DeborahALock @GylesLingwood @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne #LALTCHAT we used to use this strategy to help focus individuals interests at the end of a module etc... We often found that the students were usually more motivated because they enjoyed the task they had chosen for themselves rather than it being prescribed. Dan

09/02/2018 02:40:35 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@UoL_LALT @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne No, assessments should be done by the academic team. They understand learning outcomes and the principles of assessments. #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:40:33 WIB

@MarioZambas @GylesLingwood @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne #LALTCHAT Welcome Mario. Have you had experience of using student mentors? How has this support the students etc? Dan

09/02/2018 02:38:59 WIB

@DeborahALock @GylesLingwood @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne Should external agents be involved in the marking and developing process to have industry expert guidance when portfolios are created? Peer-group marking could give you a generalised idea of marks etc... However, how do you account for bias or inexperience? #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:37:58 WIB
Mario Zambas @MarioZambas

@UoL_LALT @GylesLingwood @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne I think that the use of real life case studies using professional placements/internship as the facilitator would be useful in this regard. Also the use of student mentors can help to guide students #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:36:45 WIB
Gyles 🇪🇺 @GylesLingwood

@UoL_LALT @DeborahALock @UoLBusiness @CarolineLowish @LezleeJayne I don't see why not. As long as the assessment criteria is clear to students (and staff) from the start, what not? And critically, not every completed project has to be assessed. Asking students to curate their portfolio for assessment is a very useful activity! #LALTCHAT

09/02/2018 02:36:09 WIB
Lezlee-Jayne Stones @LezleeJayne

@DeborahALock @AndyBeggan @UoL_LALT Very good point. A research project I did a couple of years ago about the gap between skills that education leavers think they need and the actual skills that organisations need proved interesting. Soft skills was top of the list #LALTCHAT Can we address this? Do we?

09/02/2018 02:34:14 WIB
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